Friday, October 8, 2010

A can of Whup Ass!

It is incredible the stories and over all amnesia that America is suffering from and the basic lies being told regarding the gigantic fiscal mess this country is in and the terrible trap we fell into when we decided to go into war with not one but three nations. It is sad and unfair and evil the way the right and the Christian right have used BIG government as a bad word and no taxes as a good thing to wrest control back again after having thrust this country into a two term nightmare called affectionately “The Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Rice, years” . Imagine a world where the likes of Palin and Glen Beck and the little witch Christy were in charge? It’s frightening in the way that Obama’s white house is for the racially intolerant. Only those peachy slogan addicted yahoo’s don’t understand intelligence and thoughtfulness and prudence and care. We don’t as a whole recognize honest hard work and we are not patient enough to trust the process because we are deaf, dumb and stupid when it comes to government policy and due process and reality. Okay I am cranky and getting worried and concerned about Washington and this country and the directions we could be headed if THEY get power back. They being the Right the deadly silent but wealthy right “Republicans”. Avenue C is a factory of cult like Christian based leaders, financed and groomed right out of bad science fiction. Senators and the like who are financed by very deep pocketed conservatives who happen to be religious and want nothing more than to mega church faith base America, meaning put that style of worship front and center in our culture just like those towel headed fundamentalist , Islamic clerics want only their brand of hoo ha to be practiced the world over. Creationists who would roll back a hundred years of true science just to make the bible stories fact. Gives me the willies all of it! I want our Democratic president to get up and shout and tell is like it is. Stop being so cool…I want them Dems to fight for what is a smart direction (the one we are being guided toward) to face the right-wing nut bullies NOW. I don’t want to lose control of the house. I want the chance to do what we set out to do…I want to see us in the black. Maybe literally… meaning financial surplus for all in the USA only with a swagger, rythmn.

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