Sunday, October 17, 2010


Today I woke up in a small crisis. I have to do something that goes against what I believe in. Oh it’s not as if I live in a war torn area and I am reduced to extreme conditions no. It’s something less harmful and maybe weirder, maybe and I feel as if I must do something about my predicament yet I have to be smart and careful. Okay, I don’t want to reveal the details….yet. I will refrain but what is at stake is an opportunity to make the most of this crisis. For every setback there can appear an opportunity or many that in the end may turn a setback into a gift. I hope this is the situation here so I think I can rise up and take care of this “issue”. Suddenly I am aware of my holding myself back and of not being so generous with the things I can share. Also I am surprised at how connected inner prosperity (my thinking) is with my outer picture, my life. I also think we as a rule don’t appreciate where we are. We judge and complain about the stack of responsibilities that are called bills as we spend beyond our means because we lust after more and yet if we were balanced and centered we would see that everything we have is enough. That we really don’t need more we need to use and give away what is moldering in our closets and stacked inside our garages. Poor us…no wonder we are broke. I am getting this thing I think. I am getting the big picture here about true wealth. How it isn’t something to be pursued. It is a byproduct we must discover and offer something that many people can benefit from. Something that helps us to be better we must devote our attentions to things that uplift and entertain and create environments where we as a whole can grow. Than the by product may be financial abundance beyond our imagination. Than we must prepare to share that abundance we must share it. Every billionaire I have met focused on the product or service and the rest (fortune) followed. So those of us stuck in financial ruts can see our way out simply by changing our focus. Saying this is easy but living this fact has already made my life better financially, it had instantly improved not because I don’t care about money but truthfully I don’t care about money. I care about the quality of my experiences. I care about the quality of love in my life. The depth of experience as it happens. It is vital to my existence to be connected with my environment. It is vital to your existence to refocus and appreciate where you are and what you have now. If you happen to have very little then you need to work on changing that by giving more of what little you have and what you can give. If it is time you have a lot of because you are unemployed than give that. There is a reason Angelina Jolie gives what she does to every cause on the planet…she shows up with her time and money because she needs to show up. She benefits personally. Giving raises our vibration. She draws her inner strength, her inner wealth (love) from being a good world citizen. You and I can do this… so let’s get busy.


otto said...

Rae- Those of us who have lived all our lives in New Hampshire or have been lucky enough to live in other places like me- all over the world- and have come back to NH as home- always keep the NH ideals, live within our means, help those in need, never flaunt your wealth and live free. I have met people of great wealth and some of them are down to earth and live in relatively small homes and give back while others are the Gordon Gekko only concerned with building wealth and seeing who can die with the most money or build legacy’s for their families. I am not passing judgments, However, I just believe giving more then receiving or acquiring is the best---I am just saying!

mario said...

hi Rae,

i almost gave up on what id been working so hard all year for to go race in the australian cycling champs because of money. I remember thinking how the F..k (haha) am i gonna afford it looking up at the ceiling for some reason ijust blotted it out and envisaged going and the money id come somehow from somewhere. Making the commitment was hard as really had doubts how was going to finance the whole thing but i did, on a whim anyway and entered and commited going down making all the necessary arrangements. No sooner had i did this things went from bad to worse, things breaking unexpected bills etc etc i started to really think "christ wat have i done how im i gonna do this". i almost bailed out but knew this meant alot to me it was special it was something bigger and could'nt i was torn bout wat to do. to be honest i dont know how i remained focused on the task ahead. slowly things started working in my favour, the overtime came back the cash flow was flowing i got the money part sorted but wasnt to be the end of it. on the trip down there were mechanical issues up to 10mins from the start of the race. even the drive down made me doubt how things were to unfold. it wass exactly the way i dont like to prepare; a cold night in a caravan in a noisy truck stop and hungry, sore legs not a good sign. well the sore legs that is. even me room mate losing the keys to the car the day before the race having to walk along way to get food and stuff the night before the race...u dont wanna be exerting ureself in any fashin or form the legs realy need to be supple..but it affected my frame of mind more so..iremember crying and thinking all this sacrifice hard work sacrificing money its not worth it to be reduced to feeling like this. i started to not care got back to the caravan and crassshed had a great sleep woke feeling fresh with most importantly fresh legs. i almost missed the start because of mechanical issues but i made soon as the race started i knew id have a good race i didnt win but got in the top 10 but it didnt matter seriously it was really something special a really special feeling meant more to me than all the money in the world 'sounds kleeshay' i know and cheesy but truly thats how special it was. maybe wat am writing isnt relative but it is 'give more of ureself' and live the life u were meant to think i almost did'nt go down frightens me cause everything came together in the end. f.e.a.r almost got the better of me..

Rae Dawn Chong said...

Beautiful story or man thank you. Otto you too.

YOu know that's what I am talking about and what is so friggin interesting or as some people say "inner resting" is that Mario you didn't seem to have a choice so when you gave up in micro moments something happened to propel you forward.

That's the magic of it all.

Yummy all of it.

otto said...


Thank you and keep moving forward. Your a true to life / heart person. A awesome actress, we all would like to see you in more films / TV. Keep the faith! Otto