Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Hampshire film festival

We just finished our local Film festival. I saw amazing things but my favorites would have to be the documentaries. First I was bamboozled into sitting through "Family Affair" by Chico Colvert. Which was a sensitive stunning portrait of his highly disfunctional family. Word has it Oprah has bought the rights to show it first on her network if you get a chance please sit and view it. It absolutely floored me he has done a great thing.
Then my next favorite was "U.N. Me" about the horrid corruption of the U.N. It will enrage you and make you pay attention like this radical Teaparty candidates sideshow we are in at the moment.
Are you all paying attention? Watch the Ed Show on MSNBC or just watch that channel. It is heating up and these folks are bad so rotten and of course....Gawd help us dumber than dumb.

Finally I have to nothing but big respect for the film makers who risk everything to educate us the Documentary maker.

Thank you all you Documentary film makers we need you.


Diane said...

If you’re talking about the United Nations I have a story for you. Years ago, I was standing on the bus stop and saw two guys from Africa. I’m a social person so I started talking to them. They did not answer, so I assumed they could not speak English. About 3 months later, on that same bus stop, I became frantic because I did not have bus money. So one of the guys from Africa gave me money to get home. I say them a few days later with a friend of mine; thanked them again. I also complemented them on learning how to speak English so quickly. They laughed and said; “we understood you the first time we saw you on the bus stop.” They were afraid they did not acknowledge me because they thought they were going to get killed speaking to a black women. I jokingly said, “its possible if she has a crazy boyfriend or husband.” ----They receive negative brochures before coming to the USA about black people. So I went home to ask my then boyfriend about it because he was born in China. He confirmed the negative brochures and said his family received them after moving to the USA. I started calling my international friends that were from Grace, Afghanistan, Panama, and Russia…ext. They all confirmed they receive negative brochures about black people before or after they came to the USA. The ones who received them after moving to the USA said they received them from the U.N.

Diane said...
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Rae Dawn Chong said...

That is part of the problem (racism) and it is sytemic. 8 billion a year and counting we support that program the U.N. its corruption and graft on teh highest order.
It should be dismantled.