Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chico and Sara Kruzan

Okay nothing is more disturbing to most people than the capacity to forgive a monster. The movie "Family Affair" is about just that. Most of us confuse forgiveness as letting monsters get away with say, rape, murder or worse soul murder as in perpetrating abuse on the defenseless. These beastly people still deserve forgiveness not forgetting-ness, but forgiveness is a big difference. Watching Chico Colvard’s film “family affair” about his family and the monster they lived with his father was enlightening. In the movie we slowly learn what his crimes are and how they impacted his children, Chico being the only son with three sisters. We learn that Chico never experienced any sexual abuse but certainly he lived through the hellish verbal physical abuse disguised as discipline. In the movie we watch his beautiful sisters emerge out of hell and carve a life for themselves that weirdly but most definitely includes “him” the father. It is disturbing and sad and frustrating and amazing because if we are honest we must forgive. What gives me the creeps is how unknowledgeable the justice system is I am speaking about the courts to major psychological abuse and it’s infinite manifestations. I was reading about a young child who was seduced at 11 and thrust into prostitution who at 16 murders the pimp, the original guy who turned her out as a child. She murders him and because of the physical clues at the scene of the actual murder it could be interpreted as premeditated which carries life in prison which by the way she got. Nothing is mentioned of the Stockholm syndrome the years of abuse she suffered as his slave, his sex slave. No just the immediate facts of the crime. There is something so wrong about this. This person Sara Kruzan never had a chance, in fact it is more abuse. It hurts my heart to know she is in prison forever because of our (societal) disconnect the law versus the laws of psychology. We are inhumane in the way we incarcerate people especially children. I am glad she murdered her pimp after so much harm that came her way. I am glad the family of Chico can forgive the selfish mess of a father because he is at the end of the day their dad. The girls in Chico’s film have every reason to murder this man and yet they did not and will not and in fact have allowed themselves to be in relationship with him. On the other hand my heart bleeds for the child now a woman in prison forever because I think her victim deserved the bullet. I think he deserved more than that. I would love to see justice done for her and for all of us children who will do anything to be loved.

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