Saturday, October 23, 2010


Things are sinister in the world of politics right now with the Chamber of Commerce trying to buy the elections by lying to the out of work marginalized American population who have fallen back to the old racist line of thinking that they(the whackadoo extreme right) will carry them to the promise land all the while making sure that outsourcing is alive and well. Whilst the very people being vilified are quietly doing their jobs actually understanding what the Constitution says and actually capable of reading it as well as every other necessary important documents needed to competently run this country. The false saviors of the far right who are on a mission to hoist the whole kit and caboodle into the dark ages because they think it will be better. The same yahoos who are telling Latino’s not to vote? It baffles the mind that we will allow this to happen. I am alert and prepared for what may be the most fascinating cultural scrimmage in American history. There really are many people who are on a jag to thrust this country back to the days of Jim Crow…well almost. Or back alley abortions or worse; ethnic cleansing? To think Ed Miller is allegedly supported by white supremacist groups, or that in fact a few more political wannabes are secret or not so secret racists makes me sad and concerned for everyone and that this thinking is gaining popularity, I am baffled by the sheer lack of intelligence. I am hoping the quiet smart majority will come out on the 2nd of November to show that in fact they are watching and listening closely and what they hear is disturbing and not going to be tolerated.
Tolerance is the key word. This is a tolerant country at its best and I pray literally that we can maintain our sanity in the years to come and that these strange corporate financed buffoons go away. We deserve better and yet we do get what we deserve. If we don’t show up at the voting booths we get the likes of what we had in the last administration. This was disgraceful and dangerous to our national security; give the man a chance in Washington to continue the good fight.
... and please don't forget to VOTE!


Dwane T. said...

Over the summer I borrowed Birth Of A Nation from the library so my teenage sons could see the tactics used by the Tea Party are really almost 150 years old. If you can get people to a point where their survival and/or self-concept seems threatened, you can pretty much get them to do anything: burn churches with people in them, put people in ovens alive, or wipe our whole groups of people and call it Manifest Destiny. If you get the right carpetbagger or Willie Horton to serve as a symbol of a threat to "real" Americans, those real Americans will become totalitarian in the name of Democracy.

Haters are gonna hate... and if it keeps them in charge, they'll recruit others to hate at a lower level. MLK said: "It may be true that the law cannot make a man love me, but it can keep him from lynching me, and I think that's pretty important." I know the hate isn't going anywhere, I just hope people get out and vote so we don't have two years of high tech lynchings to deal with.

glt said...

Hate is not a real thing...neither is love. We are only animals with big feet and bigger brains. Our brains are much more important than our feet to our survival and our last big shot at world domination. Rats and roaches must be destroyed. Even the far reaching soft claws of Buddhism have tumbled down the hill. Christianity keeps jumping into it's own spike pits...No religion will ever win. The Muslims are the new Jews...Human thinking has a hard time correlating with our inside animal. I'm going crazy in a good way.