Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pain TV

Being voted off a show must be the most humiliating experience. I think we are in the most bizarre painful era of entertainment. I cannot watch shows where people compete or rage and fight and reduce themselves to the lowest denomination of person. I know it is sport to watch people meltdown but it hurts me no end. I think living is already tough and painful at times and extremely challenging. So to sit down for my two hours of entertainment and watch people suffer hurts me and I can’t do it. I would rather learn something new catch up on the political scene and try to decipher the tea party- er’s pledge to America. I miss drama and comedy straight up. I have to say. I enjoy the “The Big C” and “Weeds” and look forward to “Californication” and I watch “Dexter”. I also enjoy Nurse Jackie and people say “The big bang” is good and we watch “Modern Family”. My Bf loved the show “Lonestar” it lasted two episodes. Depressing to lose such a beauty of a show but who says they know anything? I look forward to the era when these painful competition shows are over and done and that day will come sooner than later. I can smell disinterest already it’s in the air. How many people have to off themselves after being verbally abused by a hopped up asshole? Cooking shows baffle me. I prefer the travelling ones where we learn about a region and its specialties versus fast flame cook offs. Again stress shows with pain all over them. My Bf adores these competitions and I don’t get it. We differ when it comes to pain television. Mind you I can watch my own version of pain TV “Chelsea Lately” she’s mean but funny. So I am not without a little bitch in me…okay a lot of bitch in me. I like her I think she has a great platform I wish I had one just like that…only my version and different. I would love a show where we could dish and learn and try to delve into gooey subjects those hard to understand yet fun to try to fathom subjects. I know I fancy myself as deep and can at moments dip down into some heavy stuff, I try. Watching stiff crooners dance is painful alright and I think managers should be fired and handlers punished for ever thinking that putting someone on a dancing show is a good idea. Personally I would rather have my head cut off. So don’t ever ask me about THAT show, ever!!!


Dwane T. said...

Crime shows (dramas and dramedies), and my daughters children shows are pretty much all I watch. I loved My Name is Earl, and I still watch Community and 30 Rock (says alot about my sense of humor), but there aren't many comedies on network television (I'm cable challenged) that can hold my interest more than an episode or so.

I watched "train-wreck TV" alot in the beginning. But other than a few shows where the shock factor was more like alternate-reality TV (Flava Flav), they got old fast. The only one I'll watch with any consistency is The Biggest Loser, because even the "losers" all seem to experience long term benefits from being on the show. On the other shows, I actually found myself feeling sorry for the ones who didn't get kicked off from week to week. Seven more days of self-degradation. I always respected the ones that asked to be voted off or sent home. So many know quickly its not worth it, but pride won't let them quit. Truth is, if they really had any pride they would pack their bags, spatulas, sewing needles, torn t-shirts, roses, fried rats, or whatever they used on their show and go home after the first week.

Now one reality show that I thought had great potential was your cooking show. I'd definitely have watched that.

glt said...

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOd stuff again, RD. I love yer writing's like James Joyce and Jack Kerouac rolled into Mark Twain. well, it's real good! Now reality tv, is the new sitcom, movie, drama, serial, cartoon, etc. all rolled into one...and cheap!!! Those greed monger producers only pay out one percent of the intake. It's American greed at it's finest. If we don't get back to the hippie truth soon we are playing bluegrass fiddle while Rome is burning to the ground once and for all. Follow the drinking guaord....I'll share this on FB...Thanks for, baby.

Suzi from Ojai said...

I agree. I like funny stuff. (My name is Earl for one). I hear so much about Dexter, but I don't get showtime. I don't watch much T.V. because I spend many evenings after work, putting in my time at the Santa Barbara Bowl (must be the inner-groupie in me) and that's pretty much my entertainment, because I love music! I don't like seeing people in pain either, but apparently a lot of people do!

I think you would be a great "Rae Dawn Lately" !! You would have many faithful viewers!