Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In-tolerance me?

Yes, yes, very hypocritical of me to be cranky one regarding a couple of trifling celebrities. Today is a day we should be proud and celebratory. It is finally a near reality that Iraq and it's expensive war is officially over. Oh I know we are faking it as far as drawing down truly. I know we can never leave the region especially with Israel and Iran fired up and the Hamas poised to strike again and again. We should not be stupid to think we can impact the region or at least in a meaningfulway and yet I feel happier that at least verbally we are saying adios to Iraq and some of our troops can come home for now. Still it's a Catch-22 we have to be there in order to be near and established enough to re-enter in a meaningful way in case "They" get weird and too strong with our allies and yet it is VERY expensive to us to maintain bases everywhere.
Like "Charlie Wilson's war" where we took on the Russians by helping the freedom fighters of Afganistan. Both occupations kicked our butts worse because it thrust our economy into the toilet.
Still I am happier today I like that Obama tries to keep his word.
It's refreshing at least on paper and it's rare in politics.


Dwane T. said...

Not hypocritical... insightful. Unlike folks who've only spent their lives reading about it. You've seen/experienced it. Thus you a better able to speak to wild and crazy vs. triflin' and lazy, or whatever.

As for the prez, he is the man as much as a man can be. He doesn't blink, nor does he make excuses. He rarely does what he said he was going to do in the time he said he would do it, but that is a product of not working in a vacuum. Still he sticks to his projects until he gets his work done. Come re-election time, his body of work will stand up with any president in modern times.

Charles said...

That's cool you recognized it was a withdrawal with an *. We will probably be going back in and are leaving the options in place, something not many are talking about. Unlike SE Asia, we will always be stuck in the Mideast and minutes/days away from returning however many troops necessary, if it pops up which it probably will. I think instead of saying "Turn the page" he shouda said "Give our troops some much needed R&R". They'll hit us again and we'll go back to shooting snakes in Iraq. The WH knows this, just hopefully on somebody else's watch.