Monday, September 13, 2010


Every time I hear about the American hikers being held in Iran I wonder what made them so insensitive and arrogant to think hiking in Iraq near Iran would be safe? Were they stupid missionaries? Isn’t that the type of people who drive head long into dangerous territories or war torn countries on missions to convert the innocent locals into their religion? I think the government of Iran is right to think these kids were spies. I mean what planet are you from to think hiking in Iraq is a good idea, planet dumb ass perhaps? I can’t help but feel frustrated by these kids and sad for their families we can’t disrespect others whose customs and political views greatly differ. I mean this not as support where human rights are violated but as a warning to other young or not so young explorers. The world is not our oyster at least some of it is not or should be off limits. I am thinking that the fine of half a million dollars to release this woman should serve as a cautionary tale. No matter how wholesome your intentions or neutral check with the customs and with the state department to see if it is hostile place to Americans. I resent any news being focused on these people I find their actions selfish and stupid. Yet it will keep happening because we as a species will forget and will be arrogant and foolish. I have nothing but sympathy for all the lost or missing souls here in America who are not getting the media attention these people are getting, especially the missing children and adults of African American descent who to this day are still being under reported in the media. It’s a shame.


Dwane T. said...

You know Rae, what we do to ourselves always gets the backpage while what others do to us takes the frontpage. The issue of the hikers will come to and end, and it will either be a feel good story of Americanism, or a rallying point for Americanism... in either case it will serve a purpose. The issue of missing Black children is not going to be solved, because it's part of the child trafficking problem that's being swept under the rug. It's not going to come to an end, so it's not going to be allowed to have a beginning.

As for the hikers and what made them believe it was alright to go someplace where shooting at Americans is a daily occurance, I think it may be an example of our lack of feeling integrated in the world (although they may actually be spies). Its the same mentality that says "the world changed after 9/11". "Our" world changed, the rest of the world had always been dealing with issues like that, or acknowledged that when it happened someplace else it also affected them. We became part of the rest of the world that day. But we've slowly been drifting back into our own world again.

I feel bad for those kids, because whether they were spies or just kids whose personal reality was completely detached from world reality, they are on lockdown. Hopefully we will learn a lesson here and start respecting issues of the world as our own... but I doubt it.

Suzi from Ojai said...

Very good comments!
I saw this on the news early this morning and was wondering the same thing Rae Dawn. I like to hike, but you sure wouldn't catch me hiking there! It would be like going to Viet Nam right after the war and not expecting to step on landmines!