Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Big Deal

The Think and grow rich group that conferences every Tuesday evening was glorious in its originality and technological wonder. How a few likeminded people can share and learn from each other in real time over the expanse of the United States. It felt like we were together in the same room, almost. One of the topics we touched on lightly was the immediate impact that having a large amount of money would have on our lives. It would be both positive and negative. I believe we don’t understand it especially since we idolize huge sums of money or gargantuan wealth as full of happiness and wonder and nothing else yet from my research and travels I have discovered quite the opposite effect. Not that I am saying there isn’t wonder and goodness that comes from the ease of having enormous wealth. There is that too. I am speaking though of the other side of it the darker sadder side that doesn’t seem to get as much press but should because it is something to understand and could help us individually enjoy exactly where we are. You see money is energy and the more we give of ourselves to the world in every way whether it is through our careers and or hobbies the more we get and one of the things we get is compensation, financial. I look at Oprah as a prime example of it she is tireless in her sharing of all things she enjoys and all things she imagines we would enjoy and she has created a platform to do just that and lo and behold she is mega wealthy as a result of her generosity. There is a fascinating interview she gives with Byron Katie on her Sirius radio show where they do “The work” and Oprah in one of the series of interviews lets us know how everyone in her immediate and not so immediate family wants money. She says it causes her pain that everyone in her family has their hand out all of the time. Now really imagine that for a second. That everyone you know in your family has issues and they look to you as source. They look to you as their source. If you are a billionaire like Oprah then it’s understandable yet imagine if you worked hard and had to travel through the jungles of life and its lumps and bumps and then once you have achieved the great wealth then you are faced with others people whom you love with their hand out. Not only is their hand out its out with an attitude, with resentment. Tough stuff really and very isolating and how many people are out there who can enjoy the big wealth with you without having an angle on getting some of it? Then once you have achieved your mega-money-ness and God forbid you are single imagine the trust or lack thereof of every poor should who may or may not have your best interest in mind when they seek to court you or want to seriously date? It gets tricky look at Madonna or Oprah or the late Barbra Hutton or the late Doris Duke. The long list of highly complicated lonely wealthy people, David Geffen said money was lovely but it wreaked havoc on his love life. I know Steve Bing went around pretending he didn’t have money for years so he could date without being hassled by that factor, that element. He didn’t trust that people went out with him otherwise. So he pretended quite successfully until he was outed to be a near broke screen writer and it worked until the messy tabloid stuff about paternity and Elizabeth Hurley. Listening last night to some of us speak about money I got the sense that many of us really don’t know what it means the full spectrum of it, the huge responsibility and also the hazards of huge wealth and its isolating aspects. I say investigate the whole picture and measure against your current life and its vibration and its balance (or lack of) its peace. Also check in with how you live and how much you give or don’t give in every aspect. We hold the key to what we can accept into our lives we hold the key to that kingdom. If we want greatness in financial terms we need to understand all aspects of what that means and how it will impact our hearts and soul. I think the Universal intelligence that guides us and monitors freewill listens to our highest voice that place in our souls that knows better than say our cerebral cortex or our ego centricity. Our “higher self” knows we love community and peace and joy and bliss and quiet simplicity. So even if we torture ourselves and everything in our current reality with our seeming failure. Forgetting as we struggle to get what we think we want yet never realize because we truly don’t want “it” that that is why we don’t succeed in our happiness and our thinking. Seeking blindly after crazy mind boggling wealth that could disrupt our equilibrium, our peace is crazy alright. Most of us don’t really understand it and I would be so brazen to say most of us don’t even truly want it. Not if we understood EVERYTHING it brings. So investigate and know or imagine the level of abundance you are seeking measure it, because it is attainable and the best part? Chances are you are there; chances are we have accomplished nearly everything we could ask for in this life.


glt said...

Hello...I'm dropping out Rd...but I'll share yer blog on FB...this blogsite is much more difficult in everyway than FB. You know where to find me. LOVE! glt

Dwane T. said...

You are so right in everything you've said. I've seen people go through the process of "getting rich". There is a magnificent energy to it. The focus, drive, ingenuity, dedication, resilience... all wonderful, admirable things to behold. For the few that made it, I saw the pleasure in being able to buy the things they wanted, but the energy was different. The joy that goes into getting rich is replaced by the tension of trying to stay rich. Outworking the competition is replaced by defeating them... sometimes crushing them as a threat. Those who never get rich but reach a level where they successful without being a threat to someone else, or having someone else being a threat them, seem happiest.

I know I should focus more on money, seeing that self-centeredness, selfishness, and self-indulgence that many wealthy people display turns me off. Money will never be "bad", but the love of money makes people do bad things. Whether it's my friends who want to crush someone else's dream to keep their's alive, or Oprah's family that shuns her because she won't support them. I know I could do more philanthropy if I had Oprah's money, but I would also suffer the same sadness. So like I tell my sons, if you want what you have you'll have what you want... and you'll always be happy.