Thursday, September 23, 2010

The naughty Bishop Long

Bishop Long is lying and it’s a fantastic gift to the community. The African American community has a checkered past when it comes to full disclosure regarding sexuality and men and especially Atlanta’s men. What a gift this whole crisis will be to us because we need to stop being so unforgiving and so ignorant when it comes to homosexuality. It is not a disease and it isn’t something we can overcome and “heal” from. Plus it isn’t bad or wrong or unnatural it’s just “sexuality” and nothing is sinful or wrong about sexuality and its infinite expressions. As a culture and as a group African Americans have had to endure so much hardship as we watch a LARGE majority of our ranks be put behind bars. If we had more of everything would we be driven to a life of crime? I think not because society hasn’t offered a level playing field when it comes to opportunity and we as a group have endured hardships that most would buckle under or make one go “Postal” so it is understandable that we suffer from our own internal intolerance toward each other and toward a fringe group like homosexuals. While within our own community as in the larger human community they (homosexuals) exist side by side. They are queer and here and not going anywhere. Why it matters and why we still treat homosexuality like a disease is shocking and shameful, unintelligent. I am so grateful to this Bishop for being so sleazy and hypocritical because he has now become the poster boy for all that is wrong and intolerable in our very own community, he is the big fish DL’r, ah sweet Jesus. What a gift to all. To be truly Christian one is tolerant and respectful and as honest as possible and loving. Anything less is evil. I look forward to when he collapses in shame and confesses which he will because more and more young boys and men will come forward. Within any community we have these types of men liars and charlatans. Power intoxicates and spiritual leaders promise salvation by the simplest of means when in fact it’s a personal journey that each of us must make on our own and it’s not easy, nice or pretty. It is a worthy journey but the path is narrow and unforgiving and lonely. No leader or teacher or guru can give us God. We must discover what it is to be God Conscious on our own. Within…the bigger the promise of salvation the shadier the message the more suspect you and I should become. Ah but as a group we humans are lazy and just want someone else or some group/cult to do the heavy lifting. Not realizing that in doing our own heavy lifting, the “work” the deep spiritual work we gain strength and real DIVINTY. Authentic Angel hood, we become authentically empowered. Still it’s a grand lesson and I am thrilled and grateful Bishop Long is such a colorful creep…oh I know he’s not all bad but neither was Hitler, idi Amin or Stalin, the current leaders of Dar Fur, Somalia, Burma. Get my drift? Come on America stop being so afraid of your sexuality and allow yourself a chance to love for loves sake. In my opinion sexuality should be expressed case by case, person by person. Isn’t it ironic that the bigger the opponent the higher the likely hood of homosexuality? LOVE THAT!


Dwane T. said...

“What a gift this whole crisis will be to us because we need to stop being so unforgiving and so ignorant when it comes to homosexuality.”

I never would have thought of it in those terms if I didn’t read it here. I had to take a few days to think about it. And you are absolutely right. It will undoubtedly force an “honest” conversation.

“To be truly Christian one is tolerant and respectful and as honest as possible and loving. Anything less is evil.”

That truly is the bottom line. The Bible labels a lot of different sins, but Jesus had only had love, understanding, nurturing, and prayer as the ways to address them. Whether you accept homosexuality or not, to be truly Christian is to show homosexuals as much love as everyone else.

I could pull line after line out of this and talk about how profound it is, but I’ll just say wonderful analysis.

Rae Dawn Chong said...

Having scroured everything there is to read and listen to in the media about this crisis it is fascinating the level of trust and support he "still" has today. I know it will change and I know it (the support) will turn against him in a devastating way which I think is even more distressing. He is a confused man and from the look of things a wee bit greedy. Mega churchs are scary and there is something weird about placing so much trust into one person as being "annointed". We are all annointed...just by being alive. Soemthing tells me Jesus if he could drive would probably ride a bike or walk.

glt said...

He would recruit a stoned driver for the magic thinks.