Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Druggie people

Drug test her, get her to submit to a big fat urine test and we will know in a couple of hours if the blonde heiress was doing blow. Poor thing so dumb is she being advised by her just as stupid family members. Her family rooting her on as she lies. No wonder the starlet thinks she can keep getting away with being drug busted. She does keep getting away with it globally or the other reality starlet whose main claim to fame is her gigantic ass and pretty face (she is pretty)...I swear media is powerful and here I am discussing these manufatcured role models of our youth obbessesd society. Women whose main achievement in life is going to Vegas to open a new disco. Maybe I am jealous in my day we partied and didn't get paid for it. Okay maybe the just fresh out of rehab and jail movie starlet has done some fine acting, okay she is talented, I am a fan.
Not so much the N-word using dodo head drug addict heiress. Drug test the heiress, yes. She is suspiciously skinny, scary, stupid, a bitch who needs to stand up and be a real role model. Drugs are done by the velvet rope crowd by the elite model/ party girls how else do they keep those heroin chic physiques. In fact I suspect that if every society bitch young and very old, here and in Europe were drug tested we'd learn everything we needed to learn about legal and illegal pharmacopia.

The world is full of liars.

Magazines, the media revere idolize the druggiest ones as ideal role models for all of us. The strung out, and yes the very beautiful(according to THAT ideal) the full of BS babies...all looking for love. Test the heiress so we can escape hearing her pathetic lies. Off with their heads as they fake eat cake. Ha! I strike the first blow...blow?


Dwane T. said...

Wow!!! I guess you're fed up with the rich kids getting a pass. I've seen you go after organized bodies and oppressive philosophies like that before, but never an individual. I guess when you see it so much as you probably have, it can get infuriating.

I never thought of coke being a way of keeping "slim" for non-models, but I guess if it works for them it probably is a standard for women in the limelight. They should drug test her, but they won't. The people who should be making an example out of her are probably too scared to upset future high paying clients. But yeah, testing all the B's (sorry, just can't use the whole word) would bring a lot of issues to a head.

Oh, and for all her issues, I still think the rehab and jail starlet is adorable, and probably still a good actress. I hope she turns it around.

Charles said...

'Lil Kim does a year, so should LiLo, Paris, ect. If the Vibe crew can do their time, so should the Emmy's.

Rae Dawn Chong said...

I think it's vital that people spill the proverbial beans and confess or at least shut up and stop the denial and just face the music. I have an issue with trying to squiggle out of stuff.
Especially the likes of her. Now I am in total agreement with you about the other jail bird. I love her work and I think if she can steer clear of all the pills and booze it could be a healthy interesting career.

Tony Bunn said...

Drug testing them only makes sense if they can be compelled toward treatment. Continuous lie detection testing would be a lot more revealing; however, treatment for abuse cannot take hold where lies dwell.