Friday, August 27, 2010

Energy is the "thing"...

Energy is the everything that matters. I can walk through a town or neighborhood and tell immediately if it is happy or depressed and or violent. Oh sure it's easy to tell when one is in a bad 'hood' by the derelict spaces and clutter. It is also easy to sense when one is in a prosperous place with happier people and fun, organic, healthy, activites are predominant. Yet most of us don't want to be self responsible. Ok I will speak for myself. I will see (sometimes) how I will ignore my life and things in it because I don't want to feel pain or be reminded of how I am not doing well in any one aspect. I will ignore something until it bites me in the ass and I yelp. Only to be reminded that it was all me that ignored the signs.

Okay I am being weird and unclear. The topic is energy and how
we are of it and we make it and how we spread it around. It is so forceful that it can infect if it isn't grounded and made with love we can infect a space, a business (negatively) by our energetic fear. This fear is a drag it seems to almost ruin and rule things unless we fight it and it is made to be under control. Call me crazy but I think the littlest details can reflect the bigger energetic force field.

Dirt and lint and broken or chipped things can hurt us. I guess and I hate to say this; but fat, if we are fat it can impact how we are seen in a positive light. I hate to be a fat phobe being someone who is constantly battling my own fattiness. UGH...

Energy, so if we can pause a moment, dissect our existence and maybe isolate and identify where we are energetically slack I think it can greatly improve our lives.

I even think if we are fearful about being anything (a failure, unloved, sick,or left behind)we create that very the energy of FEAR.

See the connection?

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