Monday, August 16, 2010

Fine print

Fine print is evil it was invented for the parasitic to feed on those of us (me) who never read the fine print. Naturally lazy I rush over large print let alone fine print. Bad habit that and it will end up costing me everything….I bet. So I have to slow down and digest the fine print starting today. Contracts everywhere and people wonder why I left face book and refuse to join anymore of these networks. I feel that they will cost us just read the fine print. Recently I was charged a lot of money for a bunch of magazine I consciously did not order. My bank thankfully chased the vendor and we canceled everything including having to close the account. I am not impressed with how fast and sleazy these companies have become. It seems anyone can be signed into a program that will attach to your credit card and be completely unaware. It is fine print so if you see offers for anything free or trial basis know there is fine print that will charge you eventually down the road. In fact it is guaranteed that you will be dinged a huge amount and the only way to stop charges in the future is to kill the account completely. Fascinating how vulnerable we are. Again fine print is a bugaboo a big monster that will get us. Okay, I may be blowing fine print into a bigger issue then it is for most and some of you relish reading it, I know. It makes me think of rain man the ability to study with interest the minutia of various contracts and special offers. I am lazy though I am a big person (in my head) I like grand sweeping events and things and large font and big print. I am messy and yet I do have order in my life. I just don’t take the time to read the small print the stuff that matters and everything at the bottom of a contract is “the deal” is the matter. So like with eating slow…it is good for us to digest and carefully read the fine print of life; metaphorically too.


Suzi from Ojai said...

Learned long ago about fine print! But found out recently about ordering over the phone!
I never told them I would take magazines as I ordered something from Le Redoute and noticed later that I was getting charged $10.00 per month for something I never signed up for! I finally got them to remove the charges, but still getting "Latina" magazine?? I cannot speak spanish well enough to read the articles!!

Rae Dawn Chong said...

It's creepy and should be stopped.

mario said...

i had some co. call me from florida advising me id one this holiday package strange thing was they'd already tried debiting my credit card and for the life o me i have no idea how they had gotten my credit card no#...luckily for me my credit card was maxed to its limit and they couldnt deduct any mony from the acc. still cant work out how they got my details since i never ever enter or hand over those details on the net or anywhere only wen i bank instutution was trying to alert me all day of the attempted swipe on my credit card...sure did feel pissed off..