Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I am certain we will never get the facts regarding the complete devastation of the Gulf of Mexico If the radio is correct and BP is preventing journalists from accessing the coastline then its worse, far worse then what is being reported. I think it fascinating that a country as large as Brazil can function quite smoothly on Ethanol. Yet every expert says we here in the USA cannot? I am not buying this party line. So what we have here is a failure to communicate with leadership stretched and challenged to find solutions to a problem that is wide and deep and old as this country. In other words "The ruling class" of industrialists have kept America in the dark ages, addicted to Oil to suit and provide them with profit. I pray and wish for each and everyone of them that they truly get theirs. We civilians need to be brave and jump on the alternative bandwagon shown to us by a few marvelously forward thinking countries like, Norway, Denmark, Brazil. I personally want to see all of the economically depressed south jump onto the Ethanol production stage NOW! Forgo protecting Big Oil. It is a dead duck. We have allowed an Ocean to be massacred. Shame on us! Plus we will never live to see the complete destruction because decades from now is when it will, if lucky, finally stop. This will be proof of our greediness, it will still be impacting our shores, that is the future. Most of the people in power will be long dead before the absolute shit storm hits and I think that unfair. I think it time with this gushing artery of destruction destroying our beloved Oceans to be the cataylst that pushes us off the fence of indecision and tomfoolery. We have the ability to transition to alternative energy NOW.
Why is Gore so silent on the issue?
We have the resources, the excess corn,soy and sugar cane...guys?


glt said...

I've been cutting down on oil since the '70s. I now drive less than 20 miles a week. I could probably walk most of that but I'm scared of all the crazy drivers! 40, 000 auto crash deaths per year in the US, not to mention lung, heart, cancer and deaths from exhaust fumes. Stay alive, don't drive!!!

Dwane T. said...

Ethanol is a victim of big business the same way that hemp based fuel is. Farms in the south should be over-producing corn for fuel. States like Wyoming that produce nothing but 2 senatorial votes and 3 electoral college votes that give them almost more power than any other state, could actually contribute to the stabilization of our economy by producing hemp based fuel year round.

As far as Gore, he is probably laying low right now because of his personal issues... he understands how the political game is played, and he knows the credibility of his message will be spun/filtered through his credibility his personal issues to weaken his argument. And that is part of the problem all around. The message always gets devalued by devaluing the messenger. But someone will step up.

Tommeck said...

check the ecks in iowa. indigenous is the way of the ethanol lower 48.