Sunday, June 6, 2010


At the risk of repeating myself and having no one truly believe me when I say, that allowing 60,000 untested toxic chemicals to be released into our atmosphere is unforgiveable, it is. Chemicals released into our atmosphere here in America causes cancers and a whole host of other maladies including I believe creating men or males that are mutating feminine. Men or boys who are barely that... male, because they are bombarded from early childhood with chemicals that create an over flow of estrogen because that is how the human body deals with the onslaught it creates estrogens, have you noticed in the last thirty years that actors born and raised in America are short and somewhat effeminate? Compared to the higher majority of actors from everywhere else but here? Look at the early films we had a lot more manly men in film but not lately and not in the last 20 years most definitely I say maybe 30 years is when it started and guess what? Today we have and I am not exaggerating 60,000 toxic chemicals released into our air and water systems that must (you do the math) get into the food supply and into our systems. Is it any wonder we have cancers? To further make my point regarding men and maleness look at British, Irish, Australian /New Zealand and Canadian men compare them physically with our home grown shorties? It’s sad. Then count the differing cancers? The number has steadily ramped upwards. The new head of the EPA suggested on CNN tonight that this administration has decided to start doing something about it.Goodluck! What is shockingly criminal is what or who allowed the chemical lobbies so much leeway? Who are these men and women that allowed this problem to become so bad and so silently? These are crimes against humanity and they have been committed and continue to be committed in the name of industry. 60,000 is a HUGE number. I first heard about the chemical lobby when the number of chemicals was 31,000 and how none, NONE of the chemicals used in every product and in everything we make and use in America has been tested officially. The Rachel Carson’s in the world are far and few between and when they do speak up no one listens or big industry runs them off with horrible smear campaigns. Grandfathering laws that protect industry at the expense of health, our actual health is criminal. We need to stop and assess this industry, chemicals. More importantly who are these scoundrels? I want to see American boys grow tall and strong and be boys and not filled with estrogens. We deserve that at least. Hollywood in a weird way is a good measure. Seriously for arguments sake look at film from the last 30 years look at our current stable of homegrown actors and tell me are they not getting shorter and more girl like?
Its awful.


Dwane T. said...

"To further make my point regarding men and maleness look at British, Irish, Australian /New Zealand and Canadian men compare them physically with our home grown shorties? It’s sad. Then count the differing cancers?"

That comment made me laugh... until I remembered that I am a short man who had decidedly effeminate traits in my youth and also had cancer. I guess a couple of decades of lifting weights, along with giving up processed foods had given me a much more "manly" image now that I've hit middle age (my mustache didn't grow in until I was over 25), but I can't argue with your statements.

This was a frightening post. Although I knew the vast number of chemicals in the air were harmful to health, I never made the connection between them and the rampant feminization of males that I have noticed the last fifteen years or so. Everything I've read about it to this point related it to varying parenting issues (father present/not present), or dietary issues (hormones in food). But this makes alot of sense. Thank you Ms. Chong.

glt said...

30 Years? Hmmm...wasn't that when Reagan took the reigns? HEY! Let's deregulate everything! Power to the money!

That said, remember the infamous '60's study when the rats given all the food they wanted without trying quickly overpopulated and went nuts killing and becoming smaller and's too easy to buy readimade food and sit on our asses and have a zillion babies....

60,000 chemicals? Who is it that's keeping track? Damndest species by far on the planet earth is US HUMANS! Blood for oil...soul and body for money! Sheesh.

Are these chemicals making women fat and insecure and ugly so they think they have to go under the knife and pluck and shave and wax and apply thick goop clown makeup???
Some of them make me want a short hairy guy! HAR!

Rae Dawn Chong said...

It is scary and I know my point is flawed (no doubt) bt eerly accurate too.

Tony Bunn said...

I think your argument is right on point. Recently, I watched a show that described a gender mutation (the males were becoming feminized) that was occurring in a certain species of frogs, in response to environmental pollutants.

What's perhaps more frightening is the as-yet-unreferenced mass psychological/emotional transformations that might be taking place, as a result of such pollution.

glt said...

Tb? Do we have to write some new verses to the tune " Froggie Went A'Courtin'"?

Truly, if I think too much about our psycho/emotional direction a solution seems impossible. In addition to all the additives to food and water, the auto emissions and chemtrails, the air waves are polluted by cell waves and radars and such, so the swallows have abandoned the Mission at Capistrano after 200 years!

The greed community that likes having sick, crazy consumers(we are now consumers, not citizens), ignores or demonizes certain "cures" that I have found very the Blood Type way, and the Ionic Foot Bath Detox, or just plain old theraputic massage.