Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Big Easy

The joy of rest and recovery, being in New Orleans was amazing I loved making the film “Jeff who lives at home” working with the Duplass men was a treat, I just melted with admiration and love for all of it because New Orleans is a hot mess, both beautiful and on the brink of disaster. Making it a tense but fun place to be. I was impressed by the people and a bit frightened by them too. I am not used to being so close to deep poverty. When you visit New Orleans one is reminded how deep poverty especially in the South is. In that city one is next door to it. There isn’t a big geographical buffer; no it is in ones face. Still the folks there couldn’t have been sweeter. Is it possible to want to be there part time without being silly? I just fell in love. Also I feel incredible sadness about the oil spill. It seems that so much focus is on BP and its failure to stop the leak when in fact we need to frame how many lives will be affected both animal and human. The full impact of this fuck up. What isn’t being fully shared are the lives ruined by the killing of the Gulf. No matter how much everyone on the top is trying to diminish things this is a full on MURDER of a sea. We are stupid greedy and delusional to think our addiction to oil will not matter to our future health as a nation or world in fact. It is a travesty and I am thinking these sinkholes are part of the proof that taking oil out is a problem. Not scientific I know but something to think about.
I also enjoyed the lackadaisical attitude to drinking and partying. Here in the Northeast and just maybe the north in general we could use a bit of that. We could use an easier attitude about partying. Every time we take a drink we are frightened we are alcoholics and maybe we are but so what? As long as we can function, can complete our chores we are all set!
I don’t approve of drinking and driving but I do like that one can take a “go” cup of your drink and walk outside. The big easy…make a trip there if you can in winter and enjoy the best food and partying in the USA.
Okay…I am home and it is sweet to be back. I notice I miss FB a bit. I miss hearing about everyone. I don’t miss being a part of a huge network and I know Google is just that and I am on a mission to fix that. We are in the world of free and it’s important to find our way within it. Till then be kind…to yourself and pray for the Gulf.


glt said...

Damn right you miss FB! I posted some great stuff better git back in the saddle and send me a friend request!!! HAR! (jus' funnin')

Great note with so much to relate...lived most of my life a few hundred miles away from there but never made the trip...scared it would suck my soul dry the first week, or something like that.

Beautiful perspectives here Rd...wish I knew how to share it on FB. love and wisdom, glt. p.s. More later perhaps on growing up in poverty with the poor and more.

glt said...

...and BP, the greedy corporate citizens...did you know the oil companies won the legal battle to drill offshore(CHENEY and the LIKE)so they wouldn't have to pay mineral rights to native americans and other immigrant landowners that owned mineral rights! Oil??? What's it good for??? About as much as war, I reckon.

glt said...

you musta had a buncha fly-by-night friends on FB...I'm starting to hate FB too...they're all just in it for themselves.

mario said...

woow hope u com bac to fb oderwise am here