Sunday, June 13, 2010

The 18

Imagine you are a plain Jane which isn’t such a bad thing for a very long list of reasons but this being America and celebrity one of our favorite sports being ordinary or plain just won’t do. So imagine that you have a group of friends who all happen to be female like you and you are looking at a life that will be pretty predictable and quiet and probably uneventful so a couple of you decide to do the unthinkable because truth be told you are never going to garner much attention being from a very small town and you are not extraordinary or even pretty( in a lot of the cases) so why not do something as a group, like get knocked up by a complete stranger, all 18 of you. If you are a big fan of a film like Juno in which the right questions are being asked and you can identify with the film…and again your life will not amount to much international notice why not do something as a group that will garner attention the world over? I can see this being motive and the idea of a gaggle of 16 year olds saying let’s all get preggers together and we’ll deal with the consequences “together” as a whole? Looking at the faces of some of the women from Glouster Mass and seeing what seems to be a pretty simple maybe to them “boring” life.
I can believe these women wanted to do something extraordinary just because. Now with the babies and the whole world aware of them they are famous, they are a success and the plan worked. They will forever be the Glouster 18 and the mystery as to why prevails.

I think the only sad thing is that hopefully the homeless man who impregnated these children doesn’t get in any trouble. Apparently he was or is slightly mentally challenged and needs to be taken in to some place that will watch out for him. Oh this is so sorted…and I did hear that the young boys being accused in this mass impregnation have declined any involvement, meaning all of the children, the girls were knocked up by the same lone man who slept/sleeps outside the Catholic Church in the back alley.
Isn’t life just wild?

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