Friday, January 15, 2010

Why she must go...

Years ago I read a book in which the creator of complete global devastation was predicted to come now in 2010 here on Earth from hell and that person would be the personification of evil only no one would recognize this person as being evil because of their beauty and social standing. This destroyer of life on Earth would be pleasant, if not gorgeous, smart enough to fool the masses and armed with a message that is designed to divide everyone. I think although this was fiction it is here. The creepy but telegenic face and that evil hell raised person is Sarah Palin. The troubling thing is she keeps gaining more and more strength and seemingly even more popular than before. As the liberal smug holes look the other way, we keep (okay, today I am a smug hole)brushing her off as a joke and she keeps gaining ground. What is going on here? The troubling thing is most Americans are so friggin lazy they will not investigate whether what she is saying is true or substantive. As long as she keeps feeding into their deepest fears, fear of a Black dominated America. The hilarious but tragic thing is there are legions of powerful people of color who have had a lot of power in Washington since the birth of this nation, Sally Hemmings for one who was well situated and had the ear of a President. Okay she wasn't good about her own liberty but don't think she didn't help in many ways or influence his decisions. There are many more who had real appointments and jobs but have not turned against the white ruling class. In fact if these hysterical whack jobs would realize that America has always had many (ethnic) leaders who work quietly behind the scenes of both Government or Corporate America who are "surprise" of color yet they maintained equilibrium. I hate and I use this word with gusto. I hate Sarah Palin! I think she is as anti American as terminal cancer. She is a societal cancer and she needs to be radiated out of our public view.

I want her to go away...and shut up and stop spreading fear and damaging the fantastic potential integration the country could achieve. Once we as a country get past the race card competition and get busy with the art of living well, creating and rebuilding and yes we could build this country into something more powerful and progressive then anything seen ever in its history, we could enjoy many thousands of years of prosperity and peace.

This is an amazing opportunity that should not be allowed to dissolve because of a hand full of haters who are against any kind of racial integration. I have nothing against hunting and I have nothing against white people being half of one myself.

I have a lot against people hell bent on furthering the ignorant points of view steeped in rhetoric that has never made sense and is not fact based.

She makes my skin crawl and I think something needs to be done soon...not sure what but I keep hearing she would be happy to go back to Alaska only I don't think they want her back either.


Cheryl Carlyle said...

Sarah Palin; who cares. Pooh Pooh to her. She's just sad and funny.
She's not going to make it to the Presidency. No how, no way.
Well what is this book you are talking about, I'd love to read it?
Happy New Year to you. I'm not worried about 2012, the world is not going to end then.
Love your blogs.

Fortune Cookie said...
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Fortune Cookie said...

lol...UR certifiable's no doubt why ur also unemployable. Arnold is about done screwing over California, maybe U could be in Commando part two. LMAO @ you.

Get some sunlight, I fear ur suffering from a bit too much house fever. The only race baiter in the last several years have been Democrats...Jesse Jackson (Black on Black race hate) The Barrack Obama Presidential Campaign (Against anybody who dare question their King...Including Hillary and Bill) And of course Harry Reid (The old school Negro Racist)

Racial integration is simple...Don't post HATE blogs about an inclusive, strong, female, who promotes policies which SHRINK not expand the grips of an oppressive Government bent of sentencing minorities to continued lifelong dependency on government programs.

Have a nice day...Go play in the snow and take a deep breath...then think about how it is you feel better because you attack others...That's a sickness dear child.

glt said...

Fortune Cookie? How often are you guys right? HAR! Palin is the cross-eyed goober-faced Neo-Nazi puppet for all the Nixon/Reagan/Bushes hate-filled greed-mongering devil-souls!!! You are an insult to humanity. I use your sorry brain to clean my toilet.

You don't insult my cool smart and sensitive friend and get away scot free.