Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Channeling the Divine

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to a lecture in Hollywood of a very famous speaker (Marianne Williamson) she spoke on relationship bringing up the important aspect of soul and how vital it is to honor the souls we meet and to be careful to withhold harsh judgement when measuring whether we are compatible and what the richness of our seeming incapability may bring to us. So I welcomed hearing this because I haven't the same problems with love as a rule my issues of unforgivingness affect my work, my career. I tend to hold myself back and judge rather harshly the men and women who run Hollywood. I have an innate distrust and dislike for the establishment as toxic and filled with one idea cliquish dopes. This hasn't served me and no matter how many people are this way there are some who are not who are living in the same sphere as me...trying to be a real human being with integrity.
So my relationship gap is career forgiveness. Anyway I appreciated being reminded of the places I can relax into and forgive. One fascinating part of the evening was her Q & A section which I thought was out of control( she was not in charge) It annoyed me that she suggested that we give everything up to prayer. I found it deeply annoying maybe dangerous since my root training is either Path work or The work both strong psychologically based studies with fantastic tools to help deconstruct the so called truths we hold, it isn't acceptable to stay in our "story" with these tools we can see where we are stuck in "truth" and not in "love". So last night everything was given up to Prayer to the Divine. Now everything emanates from source first or so it appears thus far and yet my thinking and my commitment to my "story" is the key to my unhappiness or happiness. Meaning Prayer is key but also my mental clarity and my mental health. Last night three people unravelled and had thick with blame issues and ultimately MW gave it up to God. Which is good yet that didn't change their maybe I am not allowed to see the change because "story " is so personal. Yet I was alarmed by what I feel is half baked wisdom. To delve into the divine and open up hearts and souls and then allow the baring of issues in public and then for her to always suggest to them to say pray and it will all be forgiven? It just offended me to no end. I feel it is unsafe and unfinished. First of all there is no way, no how that we get everything right. It's impossible that we remember every detail of everything. So how trustworthy is our recall? it is not...
So to say lets give it up to prayer is lame and I was shocked at how bad and uncool and amateurish it all felt. Oh boy here I go. Now I need a ministry and if I had one I would be cautious in opening hearts and souls and I would use the work tool the 4 questions and the turn arounds. There would not be anyone allowed to leave who wasn't able to do it, if they were in "the hot seat"...working.

I want Marianne to get better tools to help facilitate people who are in their stories...I want her lovely gospel to have ballast and better tools of deconstruction.

I understand the immense power of prayer yet it must be coupled with the work, the turn arounds because we can't get to the core, the love if we still think "they" are wrong or that we are innocent.


Tony Bunn said...

A wonderful statement of your position, this is; however, I must side with those who you at the moment consider to be of the "lame" method. I've found that taking the position of the "personal" has been one, for me, ever the root of temporary happinesses and unhappinesses; with the "joy of living" somehow becoming lost in the shuffle. To "give it up to Prayer" is to surrender one's reality, which is often of a faulty construction (learned from one's momentary favoured behavior of others), to an universal wisdom that might be greater.

If one trusts that there exists a rhyme and a reason to even the things of which one is unawares, then often one finds that one's personal story, however compelling it might be, is of faulty and incomplete construction. If it were not so, there would be nothing more for any of us to learn.

I've found the beauty in such surrender is that once I get my "personal" issues, desires, wants and (so-thought) needs out of the way, a world filled with wonderment evolves --- and still, I'm allowed to take part therein.

Just sayin.... :o)

glt said...

WOW! What sweet and deep debate between two very creative souls!
I see the truth and love from both of you. I will not take sides here. From my experience as a reiki stundent and now master, I do believe there is a solid and constant "good energy" that seems to have a primal form of intelligence. But I have also witnessed intermittent events during which very bad energy can swoop in on a scene and commandeer the people involved thruout their lives. That seems to be the trend nowadays. I don't think religion or prayer to a "higher source" is the answer. Somehow we need to combine physical lust with emotional expression and intellectual contentment.

Tony Bunn said...

George, my friend, to take the debate to the next level, let me respond to your well-put statement by noting that, at least in my humble estimation, there is a distinction to be made between the "practice of religion" and prayer.

It's my belief (perhaps my personal religion) that prayer works to actuate that component within each of us which provides direct access to the infinite. However, make no mistake about it, I do acknowledge the reality of a Superior creative force.

At the same time, I appreciate your suggestion of combining physical "lust" with emotion and intellect, in such a fashion as to promote a holistic wellness. I would like to add to your list of "ingredients" the concept of a "spirit of discipline, informed by LOVE", and then I think we might have something, there. There are in fact many religious traditions that would be in accordance with your suggestions...


glt said...

Love you, TB! I can't disagree with any certainty. I like, "perhaps my personal religion", meaning we all must find our own path and discipline. However, I could be wrong, but I don't feel that the infinite source of goodness and love is "higher" or "creative" entity. That thought makes me feel inferior, much like the traditional Christian beliefs do. I see, feel "it" as an equal that is as available to us all as much or more perhaps as oxygen. And, it takes real work to stop it flowing thru and around us.