Monday, January 11, 2010


I have been traveling and in my travels things have been coming at me and I have had the delight of processing many ideas and concepts some which are advanced for me dealing with probability and our continued arrogance when it comes to factoring in the completely impossible. Its in the impossible that it happens. Learning how I learn and how to appreciate my education in it's...self taught fractured sense as a blessing. I have to say not being trained in many disciplines opens me up to many ways to understand stuff. Strange abstract stuff the stuff that most would deem impossible and yet happen. Things that we don't factor in...and they come or occur and they devastate. How many times have we ignored a potential outcome because it was too far fetched and yet it happens. More then we want to admit.

Then my friend lost his mother this week and although it wasn't a surprise it was a sadness a dull thud that lays on our hearts. She was a quiet and lovely graceful woman whom we loved simply adored. She isn't with us anymore and we are sad about that.

We miss Clara.

So this is my current status learning new ways to learn and creating a whole new universe of adventure.

How about that.



Dr. John Ivy 10=1 A.M.I. said...

Ms. Chong,
I appreciated your comments with regard to exposure to different philosophies and have a question. Being somewhat aware of your exposure to "Eternal Values" some time back, may I ask if that resulted in any difficulties or philosophic "setbacks" for you, all things considered? In '86 I was offered an opportunity to join but unreconcilable philosophic differences made that an impossibility on my part. Any observations, etc., that you may wish to share would be greatly appreciated.

With Respects,
Dr. John Ivy 10=1 A.M.I.

glt said...

Not being trained is the key to freedom. I have many untrained ideas ready to release into action.
The power of universal life is waiting for us in the wings. Fly! Fly offstage! Fly into the arms of pure flowing warm love! Freedom for all, Mr. Obama. Speak up, please.