Monday, January 4, 2010


Byron Katie teaches that if you see any fault in anyone else it is ripe and active in ourselves that nothing is separate in our awareness. To find horrible faults in everything around us is to know who we are and the level of our vibration and since life is all about vibrations then we are in big trouble when we can sit back and find fault all day long. Sometimes my beloved will say I do something when I am pointing out something he does that I don't like. He will throw it back and say I do the same thing which is true if you are following my line of thinking. Yet, I think it isn't productive communicating to do this and yet he is right.

I want him to say oh...then say well I notice you do the same thing, blah blah blah. He has heard me and he agrees but I trigger the guilty kid response and he always says this thing, which sets me off and I have to laugh because it drives me insane and yet we do it as almost ritual.

UGH...I like this rule this law this Universal truism. I can find it working in my life and yours. If we can see it, find it, then we are it.

Okay it's annoying to righteous people who are hell bent on innocence.

You know the person who is never guilty and always has an excuse.

I think those people are in need of prayers the most because we lose when we forfeit our guilt, we lose our power.

I love my power...and you should love yours. In fact it isn't lady like to step off it and shy away from the "killer instinct" which is in every single one of us. It is lady like to master ourselves but it is stupidity to forfeit our strengths to fit into a certain relationship/s.

You know how some relationships degenerate into false roles.

You follow? We must find a way to be self responsible and fully accessible to our strengths and allow ourselves to be wrong in order to discover our wondrous-ness or gifts of strength.

It is retarded life force when we step aside or away from our strength to seem littler or more feminine or more girlie.

Eventually it will impact our health and all sorts of drama ensues.

This is when the rules of universal law are fabulous.

When being able to be wrong isn't a bad thing but a grown up thing an empowering thing.

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glt said...

I dunno. I love to see the soft, feminine, girly side of a woman.
It empowers me in a way of non-threatening love. There don't seem to be as many willing to let it be so nowadays. Of course I'm a man, so what do I really know about women?