Thursday, January 14, 2010


Sometimes in our rush for attention and answers for the big questions we dive into stupidity. That one American Evangelical leader can blame a pact with the Devil on an Earthquake and get air time is sad and another example of the entrenched racism the permeates the world. Truly the idea that anything brown or dark brown or even black signifies bad is at the crux yet leaders continue to promote this idea and it's damaging to them and us who have to endure it. I am certain that if Haiti were near a supply of oil we would have been more present in their affairs. If the country had a value that we, America could exploit we would have pitched a big tent there, a base of sorts. Cuba lucks out (if you wanna call it that) by proximity. It is close by so we plunk a nasty prison there and maintain a military base. Okay it may no longer be an active base but proximity does bring Cuba more attention. Haiti on the other hand has many ticks against it mainly there is nothing to exploit and we; America need to exploit everything we come in contact with, it's just the good ol' American way. Personally I want to learn how to speak French. If I had my choice I would choose Haitian french because it's gorgeous sounding. It lilts an already musical language. I think Haitian women are some of the most beautiful and the magic in their swagger is evident. I am not as fluent in the men but I reckon it follows they are beauties too. It is culture and history that Haiti offers and good deep Caribbean soul. In a world lacking in humanity and Soul Haiti is full of it. I am sad there was this recent cataclysmic tragedy but I am deeply happy we will all finally focus on that sad little piece of paradise. It is neglected to our peril and we need to completely adopt it and help it along as if it were our family, because it is our family. One soul, one person can alter the planets course so every person is valuable. I think it ironic that a Christian Leader can be so unchristian and I hope people are paying attention. Its the actions not our words that speak volumes. I don't need to pray for Haiti because I am convinced its time is here and we all care very, very much and I notice that folks who normally don't give two shakes are paying attention and donating money and that's marvelous. I adore Paul Farmer and Ophelia Dahl for setting up Partners in Health and I trust them. I know they are there on the ground handing out medical help and food and comfort and care. They have been there for over a decade.

This earthquake is a bad thing but in the end it will have been a blessing because it made everyone take note.
We need each other as much as we need the air we breathe believe you, me.

Send money to Partners in Health now.


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glt said...

Robertson is the one who most likely made a pact with the devil. The devil wrote him a letter that was published in a Minneapolis newspaper.
Check it out.

Bush's (Reagan's) boys had the good Haitian Prez, Aristide kidnapped and deported. Our gov loves corruption. Nothing is changing like Obama promised it would.