Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wild Dreamer

I have been having crazy dreams the last few nights in each everything is tender. The people in my dream are sweet to me and each other and there is a lot of sensuality. I had one dream yesterday that had Mick jagger in it when I first met him, young sexy and very soft and sweet. We were in a city on a hill that had groovy restaurants and bars we had a choice so we chose one that had a jazz band. I had the desire to pay for a drink for him because he always paid so he ordered a bourbon as did my friend who was with us. So the waitress took our orders then took my credit card and was gone for a long time. I went in search of her and when I found her she was shy and said the drinks your friends ordered were more than your credit card limit. So the waitress called another one of my friends and he paid the bill. I was appalled and asked how much was this bill for three drinks she says 1000.00. I am shocked and ask her why so much for three drinks and she tells me the bourbon was rare. Then she leaves me frustrated and stressed that someone else pays the/my bill. That same person my friend doesn't have that much money either. I know why is my limit so low? It is because I like it low I spend less. In my dream I don't get my card back or the drinks. I didn't know what to do so for the rest of this dream I struggled with fulfilling the order or letting Mick know he has to pay because he can, he has cash, a lot of it! I don't see him or my friend for the rest of the dream or the waitress for that matter and I spend the rest of that dream worried about my card. Think it's stress money stress? I do... Money my achilles heel. We are about to shoot The Celebrant on a shoestring budget in less than two months and every penny is so valuable. I am almost unable to sleep with casting, locking locations and hiring legal,and,so stressed because all this and I have to act as well...These last ten days have been intense and silly and excellent and deep so I cannot complain but it seems like every day is intense and the global news bears this out. I am certain we are on the cusp of a massive global shift, it is happening. I am having a massive global shift here in my skin,life,world. The kind of change that uproots and disrupts the status quo. Maybe it is just me, only and this fabulous adventure is about to start making my show and it will get very deep and crazy. I am about to get the ride of my life and it will not easy but it will be good for me. You know what they say what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. What I think is what doesn't kill us is waiting to pounce later!

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