Tuesday, August 13, 2013


There are moments in my life where I can say it was changed for the better and dramatically. This has happened a few times so far and recently. The Oprah flap has been harsh and also a blessing in a weird way. For one thing it made me kick myself in the butt and shed some unwanted pounds. I have to say I have taken my foot off the gas when it comes to my chunk. Mind you I come from a family that has a fat fetish where fat is VERY BAD. I sort of grew up resenting the idea of always having to be hot literally I have scars regarding the effort of making sure men like me. I find it soul crushing always fighting to be a sex symbol and now I am no longer that. Praise be to gawd... I am happily just a woman. Still for my knees that are singing and popping and crunching on the court I MUST shed my chunk. Besides we cannot be calling anyone fat if we are fat! It is tough as hell at 52 to shed weight and I happen to be on thyroid meds since I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's not fun but necessary. Okay still my life is blessed and I think I have survived the whole hideous Oprah ordeal so far. The recent headlines regarding O's so called flap in a purse store in Switzerland have made me wonder aloud if indeed the whole thing was made up to avoid any and all questions about the TMZ thing? Since not one outlet has asked me to speak well that isn't true some very small outlets asked but I think it too juicy to just go anywhere and speak. I think my story warrants a good outlet (national exposure) call me crazy or none at all. If I speak I want it to be a bigger outlet and smart, whip smart. People have said let it go...I should let it all go and I will soon but it isn't going away and I think the woman if she is being maligned in Switzerland has a case a rather public case...meanwhile I promise I don't want to be on the attack. I just want the truth and the truth about Oprah and me, that is all. I have lived a rather full life and I am grateful for it and with this latest dust up which I caused by being so FRANK about a rather painful episode in my history now today it feels like vindication. Why and why not move on? Well because you try enduring strangers calling you horrendous names because they heard you said something awful that you didn't say? Awful, painful and unfair because I have a much smaller stage and apparently everyone is afraid of the most powerful woman in the universe apparently everyone except me. Fascinating!

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