Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dead horse

To further slog to death a subject that may be the defining event of my life which would be sad...and so tragic but I have no recourse since I am not on a press tour so since this is one of the only public forums I have I just want to once again clear somethings up: NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO BELIEVE BUT I NEVER CALLED OPRAH THE N WORD...EVER!!! I never called Oprah a Field N word. I used (unfortunately) the graphic language to show contrast to her massive success. Yet NEVER did I say she was the N word. CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF. Never did I call her the N word...nor did I say she acted anything like the N word. I said I found her to be a brown noser, vile and a bitch when we worked together 28 years ago... So you may believe TMZ or you can actually ask me. If my opinion of Oprah has created a problem well...what can I do. It is a dead horse but rumor and I say rumor has it even she is saying I called her the N word at every turn on every show she has appeared on. For the record I have a pretty confident vocabulary and I did not call her THAT! The dead horse...that will not go away.


jack flash said...

How ironic is it that Big O was asked about her friend Paula Deen's saying nigger. One would have to believe that she had visions Of Rae-Rae dancing in her head. One would also have to believe that she instructed her interviewers not to even think about asking her about your comments. The time is going to come when you two will talk.
i wonder how that TMZ guy knew that you had a special place in your heart for Big O. Had anything been said in public concerning that? How did he know about that?
Keep your head up and sleep well. Every once in awhile people who wipe their ass with $1000 dollar bills need a little wake-up call,(back-to-reality). i certainly am not jealous or hating on the HAVES, but after having so much for so long you have got to absorb the cold nastiness that comes with it.
All in All you are the one who is due an apology for rudeness you suffered at her hands. i love Big O and you as sisters. i only hope that she can look at things from outside of the box, and listen at your complete interview.
It is quoted that she did say something about people using Twitter to say ridiculous things about her...could that be you?(:
Don't worry just keep your spirit strong. Take some ME time and enjoy nature for awile...

Rae Dawn Chong said...

No...trust me not me at all.

jack flash said...

Well i will say this. It looks like even in ZURICH, the field nigger persona is in full effect. Any way who needs a 38000$ purse. Proves that she is not GOD i guess.
It sure seems funny that after your incident at least 2 more racial occurrences happened in Big O's life.. seems that the "what goes around comes around" LAW,is happenning at super speed now-a-days.