Friday, August 2, 2013

The Spirit

It is irritating to read these angry messages about my jealousy against Oprah.If life were a contest to see who got the most I lose hands down. So much so that I giggle at the thought of competition it is like being a minnow to a whale. Yeah I said whale...okay sure I regret giving the tabloids fodder (my use of the N word) but the context was correct. I told a story of being bullied by Oprah and hells bells all sorts of rubbish was heaped my way. The majority of the folks trashing me have no idea what was originally stated to cause the so called uproar which brings me to another point, since when can't a person tell the story of an experience? Oh my brother in law said I sinned in the eyes of many because I offered an opinion of why...why would Oprah do the things she did to me. Well it's just my opinion and last I check we are allowed one. I suppose the folks who are racially upset at me for uttering the N word in the same story as Oprah, these same souls who cannot for the life of them do research or care to investigate, they just go all out ghetto on me!!! Oh yeah I said that too...At the end of the day no one wants to make people feel pain and somewhere in my heart I have to search for that place where I "get off" by causing trouble??? I promise I am investigating it. Trust me I do get a kick out of stirring the proverbial pot. I am sickened by the so called good behavior that is choking our culture, the shallow correctness that is stifling any true depth of thinking. Oh I am sure my manners could use a brush up and I could just shut the hell up...only I would say it in a harsher way using the F word. Maybe, maybe I should not be surprised if the church ladies shun me for being just too wild. Damn I love me some church ladies and I am not kidding...okay I do and I say this honestly I do feel sadness that so many people listen to and read the gossip mags and so believe what they are told. That crushes me and I sit here in my house pondering this. Wow too sad, I am sad to make you sad. Yet I cannot take back my opinions nor do I want to. No, I don't expect to ever sit and have a BS chat with Oprah anytime soon. Mind you miracles can and do happen. Am I a bitter, jealous, evil; sheboon? You bet and I am a gorgeous, generous, spirited, person too


Dwane T. said...

"Am I a bitter, jealous, evil; sheboon? You bet and I am a gorgeous, generous, spirited, person too."

I'll have to take your word for it on the first three, but from following your career and postings over several decades I am pretty sure of the last four By the way, I had to look up "sheboon". I don't particularly like the word, but anyway...

People are always going to look for heroes and villains because it gives them something/someone to attach themselves to for validation. In all of this, while you may have been cast in the villain role by the legion of Oprah fans, don't forget that you are a hero to people who "follow" you. Don't let your detractors make you spend so much time defending yourself that you stop shedding light on the real villains of our society. There are corporate and political villains out their, and your fans are counting on you to let us know who they are. That's what you were known for before all this was started, and what you will be known for when it is all over... that, and some wonderful acting roles.

Rae Dawn Chong said...

Thanks for keeping me in lone...Will do and I am feeling like this weirdness has begun to fade. I am only hoping...xo DT much appreciated.