Monday, September 5, 2011


Oracles are fascinating in how we use them and how much weight we put in to them. From tarot cards, to playing cards (Destiny system) to astrology to dousing with a crystal it is being superstitious. So how we interpret the results matters and can influence our mood. Is there provable science behind any of the tools I mentioned, no probably not but for me it helps me relax and I feel connected to the mystery that is THAT. So I will settle down and clear my mind and ask an oracle a thing or two. Recently I ask about the political environment and how Obama will do in the re-elections and it is not being definite which in my interpretation means the jury is out and he could lose. I get riled when I hear the attacks on him which I feel are unfair and racists even though his tenure has not been without huge mistakes I am thoroughly convinced no one else especially on the GOP side could have done a better job given the circumstances he inherited. Still he must watch his back our backs as it were since we are under attack and it is from within. The small or meek shall inherit the earth? Well the fundamentalists are after America and although they seem to have a good plan with reverting America to the olden days of slavery (Michelle Bachman) I want progress, personally. I wonder if our president were to take a fantastically radical stance I wonder how long he would be alive. That he is so center I think has been the good and the bad of his tenure as president. I wonder if he had gone all the way with one pay medical would he still be breathing. It is a good question, I pray we are NOT subjected to 4 years of the old Bush mania with the likes of Perry and Bachman it was not a great time for this country no matter how much one argues it was. Even my staunch conservative associates cannot fully explain why we invaded Iraq? It is rich that Dick Cheney who must have stood to rake in billions has not been arrested and tried for pillaging American tax dollars with his various companies who profited from Iraq’s destruction. I wonder if there is a statute of limitation. We must mobilize and fight for keeping America on track and I pray this President has another four years to keep the cart pointed in the right direction and still I do want him to be more boastful and effective and show his pair because I think they are pretty big.

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mario said...

im in no position to comment on obama or USA politics as am ere in aus but i like him i get a good vibe from him, lov the oracle stuff too