Friday, September 16, 2011

Simply put

It is heartening to hear some of the Democratic politico’s discuss their horror over the raw jubilation the GOP party had recently at a debate when the audience erupted in applause over the death of an uninsured man, the man died of an impacted wisdom tooth infection. It also is important to note that it makes all of us more aware of where in our thinking we don’t pay attention to things that hurt others. I do this every day I will be unedited and I will say something sensitive in an insensitive way and I will realize only after what I have done. It is my life’s work to become better at compassion. What we are talking about is kindness and compassion which isn’t in vogue in America and I think is considered weakness. So I applaud the men and women who are pointing out where we have reduced our thinking and beliefs to below humane and even monstrous levels. Celebrating the death penalty for innocent men and woman and promoting biased views without the help of experts hurts us, deeply as a whole and as individuals. Climate change is on…it doesn’t take a scientist to see the changes and most of the shenanigans in Washington are race driven and hurting us , you and me as citizens. I want safe water, air and less chemical exposure and I want it today forever. I want safe updated improved schools and I would LOVE to see us weaned off fossil fuels. I would love ethanol to be the norm and majority. I want values that are not religious but intelligent and I welcome tolerance for those who need religion including not excluding our brethren who follow the Koran. Biking to work, walking to school and staying home and eating in…fun stuff that promotes health and love for the simple things.

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mario said...

brings troy davis to mind, how som1 can exude the right to take som1 elses life besieges me?...that judge is probably highly likely to hav a 101 faults of his own, weaknesses, short sightedness etc