Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mama's and Papa's and you...

I have a theory if you are raised with a mother that is present and yet very powerful and demanding and tough and in ones business I wonder if it doesn’t predispose one to anorexia. Because in some cases (not all) the ability to control one’s body and appetite is a way to regain a sense of power, being creatures who long for a sense of self or autonomy unless damaged beyond hope. Recently I was reading about one such mother a tiger mom only she wasn’t Asian and her daughters were both recovering from Anorexia. Still if we are raised in an abandonment situation where mothering or parental influence is lacking or nonexistent then I think the opposite of anorexia holds. One is hungry all the time and food or drink or both is the go to expression and consequently being overweight. I wonder if this is a correlation to an eating disorder. I have to discipline myself and step away from the table and let’s face it I am not always successful and I didn’t have that Mother thing. I longed for both parents severely. Whereas I say this again I know not everyone conforms to a general theory such as this one I am presenting but I have a hunch I may be on to something. Now if you take a person who doesn’t have pressures that create disharmony in the childhood and life just burbles along and they are parented in a balanced way those people and they are precious or rare they have a pretty balanced relationship with food. It is a marvel as I meet people in my travels who describe their backgrounds as simple or sweet and drama free they have an easy go with food. These people just relax and enjoy it but don’t fret and or get compulsive. So if you are a parent and have little ones be careful to manage your states and energetic vibration so they can have a chance and be healthier when it comes to their bodies…please.

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