Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Happy Holidays everybody!!! What a year it has been super instructive and at times excruciatingly painful conversely excruciatingly happy go figure. Friend’s lost family member’s (Annie) gutting and I don’t look forward to my turn. I am in the midst of a huge life change. My pilot is in postproduction and I am enjoying the process although it is painful to watch at times I am no longer 20 and it is taking everything I can to muster maturity to see it as if it were not me up there on screen. This is key so I can be useful while we tweak the edit. My budget was almost perfect almost I have to hustle a bit to make sure everyone is paid. Not horrible but some people we paid who committed to us gratis making my number skewed a bit (Ira) no worries…I made it work. Finally social media has as usual saved the day so many cool people I have connected with including my shows producer Sean. What a gift meanwhile I was blessed to also reach out to a NY Times critic whom if my show turns out will maybe give us a few lines of support. Mind you if it is subpar I cannot expect any support from anyone and it will be I to blame. Finally so much to be grateful for I am blessed with that I send blessings to you are your family. Thank you for being there and giving me support including financial support all of my donors will be getting their gifts soon I am gearing up to distributing the signed copies of The Celebrant. It is almost there. Gratitude and love for all…this season. Thank you, thank you so much. xo


Robert R. Williams Jr. said...

Hi Rae. I thought I'd be the first to comment and hope that your project is a success.

Mike said...

Best wishes for continued success in this project and in your life.