Thursday, January 2, 2014


You are made up of the exact same substance as actual celestial stars. The very fact that you said yes to living is a blessing and if this life is turning out to be an adventure with all sorts of challenges than you are super special and capable of solving the mysteries. YOU....said YES! You would not have it any other way and because we are in charge it is up to us to delight in it and to be excited about what is coming next. This is not to discount where you are or have been it is to acknowledge what a magnificient job you are doing. No matter how grey the skies or bleak the prognosis. This is an adventure made custom for YOU. In fact so much so that we only get a true sense of our own experience, everything we see and feel and know is a reflection of where we are. Fancy that? Enjoy all of it and say yes to all of it and watch the heavens fall in line to uplift and support you. Nothing but love even when there seems to be nothing, it is LOVE allowing us to get out of our way and prosper. Happy New Year STAR!

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jack flash said...

"it is LOVE allowing us to get out of our way and prosper."
That is so true and so mysterious. Many times we are in our own way and until we face that it can be pretty hard to move along lifes dusty path...