Wednesday, August 10, 2011


There is a burning question I have regarding the American Medical Association’s pricing of services rendered by Doctors and hospitals. Who decides what things cost? It must be the very powerful insurance industry because the cost of doing business or the prices compared to countries (France, Canada) to name two seems wildly inflated. Why does it cost 150 dollars to visit a doctor in America where as in Canada or France or England it is either free or 30.00? Subsidized medicine costs are lower because its socialized medicine? Perhaps or the real cost of being treated is 400% lower because America has been getting priced gauged by the medical community and Big insurance for 60 years. What is tragic and criminal is because we have run away campaign financing laws where it seems anything goes…we keep electing bought by Big Insurance policy makers. So the abuse keeps going into perpetuity. The character assassination of Obama is financed by these people this same lobby and more. If we as Joe public say no to the gauging done by the medical community and big insurance it will change. Has a study been done of the actual cost of every procedure and test? Has cost comparison been done with American institutions of health care and say England’s or France? This is 2011 and there must be well documented proof of what all of those costs even with government subsidies are. You cannot get away with the price gauging we are subjected to in a country like Canada because government pays the big bills. We are abused by the very group who run commercials that say “Obama care is bad”. Off topic but just as sick; speaking of abuse. Warren Jeff’s and his cronies created a religion so they could molest children. How insane, evil and sick and why aren’t all of those men of his cult being pulled into court and arrested, WTF?

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Diane said...

I have really good insurance through my job. However, getting a blood test with a will known national Hospital cost me $300 out of pocket and they billed my insurance company $3,000. The most sickening part is I had to schedule 3 appointments in one week, each time they took a blood test. I ask why are you taking a blood test during every visit. The hospital said it's their policy. I told them if I didn't have Aids....ext yesterday I'm sure I'm not going to have it today or tomorrow. I continued...are you charging me BS prices to cover for the bill for the people who don't have insurance.