Thursday, February 14, 2013

The pilot season of 2013 has a white problem.

Imagine if all the flowers in the world were devoid of color and the only hue they had was white. A world with only white flowers, when I look at the line up for the upcoming television pilot season I imagine it is like that world of only white flowers. The shows are devoid of diversity and the only pilot that could fall under that label is so stale and there is only one, pity. Then I stop and imagine who it is that is feeding this machine the same old tired dramas and comedies and I see a sea of white faces and mostly male. The system in Hollywood is manned and managed and owned by a sea of white men. Parent companies are owned and operated by a sea of white faces so is it any wonder that our media is white. If you look at the audience at every awards show and it is like the world of flowers a sea of white faces. Only Quentin Tarantino has the balls to be brave and yet is it bravery or just taste, he has good taste. I think Hollywood is afraid and money is the driver and the people who have money who buy stuff are a sea of white faces. I cannot imagine a whiter world and I pray that my time is up before that ever manifests but looking through the lineup of future shows the system is about to produce and the future maybe be white but it isn't bright for those of us of color. We have a Black president and the city where the white house is, happens to be predominantly brown skinned as is most of the world as a matter of fact but on the big and little screen one would never know that we were here, or that the world was diverse and full of a multitude of colors and that these same souls these diverse people accomplish and do things in every capacity imaginable doing everything just as well and just as wholesome and interesting and vital, in fact the real lovely vast world we live in is diverse, like the universe of flowers. What’s wrong with Hollywood and who are they speaking to anyway?

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Rich Pinnick said...

That is a damn shame. I did see Q. Tarantino's flick and i was very pleased, I am glad he got with the perfect folks to portray the message. I don't give a damn what Mr. Lee was talking about, maybe he should have saw the movie B4 he opened up his mouth. That's just how black folks get so divided. (uniformed comments). This 2013 season is bound to be a failure. Just imagine the past few years without the black taste - NO Denzel, Will, Eddie, Tyler, Halle, Jada, Danny, Angella, Vivica, Cuba, Gabrielle, Ving, Nia,etc... Shit, the whole system would fall apart from the boredom. Do you think that they are in denial because of the 2-term black prez?