Saturday, February 9, 2013

My V day.. wish.

We talk and talk and talk about women’s rights but almost nothing changes globally or if it has it is miniscule. Here is a country like America so many things are still being discussed that should be off the table like abortion. Gang rape is up globally and it isn’t death that is the consequence no the perps are then sequestered and the victim questioned I am appalled how far we haven’t come. Being a women of color my heart is sore from lamenting the ridiculousness of the LACK of equal pay. I am a single mother who struggled and really today have very little to show for all the things I did to raise my son. Had I been compensated in a fair way today would be more comfortable financially. Across the board this is true for all of us our mothers and today our daughters. Equal pay act is essentially as important as equal rights and we must as women help bring our less motivated deeply mistaken sisters who continuously vote against their own and their daughters rights because don’t be fooled we are under siege by the conservatives both men and women who want abortion to be eradicated and don’t think equality in pay essential basically “daddies girls” because only an emotionally stunted women who isn’t in the work force would ever vote against themselves. We may need to strike. We may need to stand down and refuse to do our part to get these bills the Violence against women act , The Lilly Ledbetter act etc passed…finally I will say that although I adore Beyonce I am very tired of seeing the stripper style and I want her to glam it up but maybe put some pants on and I wonder what her hair would be like without the sewed on part? Nothing against tracks and weaves but I feel as if the messaging is weird and counter to the so called empowerment much needed globally is getting a mixed message. It may be time to rethink her look and dance moves…she is a mother now and she needs to think about it more…Madonna is pathologically sexualized and it doesn’t work anymore, it screams desperate! Okay…?

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