Monday, March 5, 2012

Rush and Fatty

Rush and Fatty Arbuckle have a lot in common both at one time at the top of their game seemingly invincible and yet both have met their match and probable destruction by abusing women. The thing is Fatty as rumor goes may or may not have physically harmed the alleged victim who died by brutal causes nonetheless he attended the “orgy” and was blamed for the event that resulted in the death of a young girl. I believe he was exonerated of charges later in his career but by that time the damage was done. He wasn’t king anymore. Like Fatty, Rush’s invincibility has been shaken and I like to think/hope irreparably damaged by a young woman. A young woman whose character he tried to assassinate. What a fascinating similarity “who’d a thunk it?” Felled by a young woman voicing her opinion and concern as a citizen before Congress, his true nature revealed and exposed and harshly rejected. It is the moment millions of us have been waiting for. It is a witch hunt, the witch being Fatty Rush Limbaugh. Like Fatty Arbuckle he may think he will or can survive this by cash and influence and damage control but I am thinking this time he has “stepped in it deep” the crap isn’t washing off anytime soon. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. I also find it horrifying that he uses Peter Gabriel’s music on his show and can’t imagine Peter would approve of it. Listening and watching him spew his vitriol against the sound track of Peter Gabriel’s sledge hammer was disturbing. I hope his lawyers do something about that. Don’t get me wrong it is healthy to have opposing viewpoints regarding any subject and I am not saying that we should erase any opposition. I am not saying this I just think we need to hold accountable the degenerates the lower than the men and some women who harm. Everything he said last week was not to humor it was to destroy, scorch and dismember. Like the awful tragedy that Fatty Arbuckle found himself mired in this one will hurt that big buffoon and maybe critically, one can only hope.

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