Thursday, March 29, 2012

The New Black Panther's and Voters

My mom and I were talking this morning about the Trayvon Martin case which is everywhere and still so very raw in all of us. She was explaining to me that the new Black Panther party has offered a bounty for Zimmerman as if killing the man will bring any closure. It will not and even if he were to receive life without parole it will not bring any satisfaction because the crime has been committed and the young life extinguished its tragedy all around. Still I was saying that the new BPP could help in Florida and country wide with voter registration and that alone would ensure fairness in the next election and have a farther reach than revenge. I am not saying that I want Zimmerman to be treated with kindness or any other specialness I do think he is a liar and guilty and a racist murdering fool still I do know that the biggest damage has been done. Still we are awake and there is a bigger issue afoot and that is voter suppression. As an American who is ethnic and awake I want to be cautious and helpful and be able to see Obama in the White House for another 4. It is imperative for me individually and as a community member. Better more affordable education, less defense spending, the rebuilding of our infrastructure and economy these things are at the forefront of our immediate needs. Yes, we need justice in the Trayvon case and I am hoping we will live to see it and as important we need voters to be registered and President Obama re-elected. There is a conspiracy to hurt Americans and to keep the 99%’ers down but we are a strong group and we can prevail, we must!


Dwane T. said...

I respect the Panthers historically, and I appreciate that the "new" group wants to make an impact. But this is the worst possible way to do it. The whole "defense" Zimmerman is pushing is that he suspected that Trayvon was a hoodlum because he was Black, and he was right because he had to kill him in self-defense. Now the Panther's immediate answer is more violence... as if this will end the problem of violence against Black males and a justice system that allows it. All they will do is push the good-hearted, fair-minded away from working toward a just society.

I believe that Zimmerman should be punished... and I hope it happens for many reasons. But yes, organizations should work for issues that affect us collectively in ways that impact us collectively. Registering voters who will rid Sanford, FL and other cities of politicians who allow a double standard in justice is a much greater goal than paying someone to kill a man. It make me feel disgusted to even type that.

Rae Dawn Chong said...

We need to excuse the men and women who are members of white supremacy groups who seek public office. Police as well and it looks as if many people who are in office and are officers have dubious affiliations.

Dwane T. said...

Living in a military town, I can tell you that White supremacy groups are sending their young men into the military and to our local police forces. They are following in the footsteps of the Mafia from back in the day who looked to legitimize their illegal actives but infiltrating those systems as well as politics. Honestly, if we took the avowed racists out of government, we would lose alot of officials.