Monday, December 12, 2011


It just occurred to me that this country the USA has a daddy fixation and it is expressed through the GOP race. We want a big cat to come and rescue the economy like magic. Just wrinkle their big daddy nose like bewitched and save us. Only the caveat is we cannot feel the effects of the newness. I know for fact that most mortals would not be able to do or be doing a good job(as the President) with this political climate or structure or deficit. Nonetheless we expect our president to do just that and I feel the deal with the devil (Newt Gingrich)that seems to be the GOP race will in fact present a threat to President Obama. Imagine a Newt world seriously just sit back and imagine the most racist divided weird world were all of us have to carry our passports to say visit Manhattan? Misery! I am going to say something I mean with my whole heart. I want all of the racist baby boomers to expire and open up the field so the younger generation can fix this mess. It is true we need a giant overhaul we need to exclude corporations from the process. Until that becomes the normal we will never see prosperity in this country because tax loop holes designed to protect corporations will prevent us from getting our fair share of taxes that support our programs that encourage our young and protect the old and needy so until those loop holes are closed we will never get out of the red. Pray for us.


mario said...

been reading john perkin's 'hoodwinked' and it talks about regulating the big corporations make them accountable.

mario said...

ohh and wishing u and ure family a wonderful and merry xmas and a happy new year best wishes Rae