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Is it racism that is underneath the deep hate for Obama and maybe hate is a strong word, maybe its aversion? To what you ask? To his intelligence, his swagger, his soft stance, in his style or his passive aggressiveness where on the surface we think he is treading water but in fact he is rooting out dictators and despots being a ninja badass. Unlike his predecessor he is actually doing something to help us... I have a few friends who are staunch conservatives which is code for they don’t have any friends intimate friends of color who want fiscal prioritizing meaning profits at all costs who dislike this man in office because he is “other”. Now I hold faith that these people are possibly ignorant for fear of the new and I hold that one day we will each be more tolerant of the differences we each have. Till then I am amazed by the entrenched racism and how many of us are blatant in practicing it. Maybe I am a bigot against bigotry which isn’t good either. Still we have an economy to build up a country to help and love and support and it is important that it start at home in our smaller circle, it’s important that we examine our hearts. Do we have a diverse group of friends? Do we help others who need us by volunteering for the less fortunate? Are we quick to extend friendship where it isn’t going to benefit us? Do we fear the intelligent and the informed? I pray the conservative right can rescue themselves in morality and ethics and all things good because watching the run up to the GOP primary listening to the republican candidates makes me shudder in fear. I find myself holding “them” in judgment like I fear they hold us who are liberal and of “color” and who support Obama for another term.

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Dwane T. said...

Have you noticed that morality has left the Republican Party. By that, I don’t mean they have become immoral (there are some great folks in it). Rather, they do not make stands that have morality as the centerpiece anymore. You almost never hear them mention the terms morality and family, which in the 2000 election were as much catch phrases for them as "card carrying member of the ACLU". They are so scared of the skeletons in their own closet that they’re shying away from morality-based issues. Besides, they have waited for the "October Surprise" for three Octobers now, and they haven't found any morality issues in Obama's background.

Obama is the bastard child of Bill Clinton, an even more non-traditional player who proved that he could circumvent their rules to win the game. They aren’t afraid of who he is as much as they’re afraid of what he represents. For young folks he represents a new beginning, which means for old folks he represents the end of things as they were. Every time an Occupy Wall Street person gets jailed, that means new votes against the old. And every day of their protests, an old person who voted for the old ways in the past... dies. Obama changed the rules. Cool, tech savvy, unflappable. Mitt Romney is not going to get new voters on a twitter campaign. Unless they can create a real us vs. them reality with poor and Rich Whites on one side, and everyone else on the other, they don't stand a chance next election.

The Children of Israel wandered in the desert for 40 years until all the people with slave mentality died. Then the new thinkers went into the promise land. Some of the old generation will continue to wander in the desert of racial hatred until they die. Then “we, as a people, will get to the promise land” (couldn’t resist the urge to channel Dr. King there).