Thursday, November 10, 2011

Protecting institutions...

So the debate was highly entertaining but one thing struck me as extremely important regarding what the republicans are saying and what society seem to be saying; the rape and abuse of women and children is no big deal. So if this is the message I am deeply troubled and I think we have a lot of soul searching to do regarding the above.
I am hoping this is not the case but listening to Herman discuss and defend himself reminds me of the classic abuser who is in denial an there is the outside chance that his split personality may be real and he may not remember especially if it is under the influence of booze his actions. Still I am pretty certain just by the feelings I get in my gut he is guilty as charged.
That this coach defended and protected his program above the welfare of little boys like the Catholic Church and maybe more institutions of abuse is once again unforgivable and systemic.
That Arizona has prisons for profit that supported Richard Pearce who was just voted out of office who has direct ties to white supremacist groups who wrote the "papers please law" that targets ethnics especially Latino citizens and then you see the size of the populations in these prisons which are heavily tilted toward Latino and Black inmates I say HELLO! Close these places down and arrest these men and free the inmates who are not there for violent crimes but because they’re illegal’s? Let them go…where is the over sight?
Finally the people are speaking with their vote, Halleluiah. Still I am worried and don’t want to be smug regarding president Obama’s chances at re-election yet it is looking good for us. This country has a big ask yes job creation and the economy but we have moral and ethical issues too and I suggest we start with our ideas and beliefs regarding the violence toward women and children and then the prison population in Arizona and then I believe we need to outlaw prisons for profit it reeks of Jim Crow.
I can smell Dick Cheney in there call me crazy but something tells me this is his industry and if my memory serves me he invests in prisons for profit, of course he does.


Dwane T. said...

When you stand for nothing, you fight for nothing. Ironically, if you win, you win nothing; but if you lose, you lose everything. -Dwane T-ism,

The Republicans are still following their playbook from Dubya's first election. But times are different now. The country was doing well, so you could argue about nuances and getting back to the old days. But we have had 11 years of people who lived in those old days die off. And we are doing badly as a country on many levels, so people don't want to hear nuance, they want to hear solutions. They don't want to hear, "I didn't do it" or "I didn't know", unless they follow it up with "...and I can prove it!"

The power of the internet is too strong now to glorify the past and not think that a generation that was raised with alternative information at there fingertips will not factcheck to make sure you're not leaving something out. Not only is the "whole" truth about the past readily available, but of the present as well. There is too much available information for people to sound bite there way into office, because you can't have a sound bite for every contingency. You have to have beliefs and positions, and you have to be able to articulate them and filter new issues through them. The old playbook is going to show which potential emperors have no sense... uh... clothes.

The revolution has started. It has started with young people who don't care about the good old days, because they studied those days and found out they weren't so good. The young people recognize that their future doesn't lie in there parents' past. Unfortunately, the old people don't realize there aren't enough of them to hold onto what's left of the past, much less "get it back". But they are too tied into the benefits they received (menatally, socially, economically, and internationally) in the old days to change. Still as time goes by, new imigration laws will favor brown imigrants. Sexual abusers will continue to be exposed, and prosecution will increase. Prison as a business will become less profitable as boycotts of prison profitting companies are added to the protests. Things will become better, and American will become what it should have been rather than what it use to be.

Rae Dawn Chong said...

Your lips to Gods ears...

Thank you.

glt said...

I too like Dwane's beauty rant!