Monday, November 14, 2011


What a weird tragic filled week of news and drama first I wanna focus on something Herman Cain’s wife said on the radio this morning about her husband and I quote: She said” Herman would have to be a split personality to have done the things he is accused of” I think she is speaking the truth in that part of her sentence and statement he is split a big wide split that makes sense when you watch and listen to him speak. Also when he speaks he blinks a lot which is a ‘tell’ that we know about in acting it is usually when we are lying and unsure of the territory we are going into we start to blink and cannot control it because it is born this insecurity from the deepest part of our consciousness that cannot tell a lie. Where even Psychotics cannot dupe that part of the cerebral cortex/limbic systems; Monsters don’t think they are a monster which is how they do the damage they do somewhere they see themselves as equal to or worse off than their victims like the pervert Jerry Sandusky. We as a society cannot grasp the depths of depravity people can go and so we deny its existence. Maybe this is a safe guard to defending against uncomfortable feelings but it excludes the most vulnerable of society women and children. I do believe Coach Paterno is guilty as an assessor to Sandusky’s crimes and therefore deserves to be brought up on charges. He protected himself at the expense of hurting severely children; Hitler like in its insensitivity. We are so lucky because two vital examples of monster hood have been outed and that is grace now it behooves us to punish the guilty fair and square.


mario said...

been reading a book about this 'without conscience' by robert .d. hare about pyscopaths. recently came back from cambodia saw the killing fields and the prison S21 where the khmer rouge interegated, tortured and killed there own people. walked away from it utterly confused, bewildered and disturbed. what got me was when u visit S21 which was a school at the time of the khmer rouge rule in the heart of pnohm penh cambodia, there are photos of the victims, going thu the rooms i came upon what at 1st appeared to be photos of victims that had survived living normal lives in the present showcasing various different employments ie farming etc. on closer inspection reading the exerts i was totally blown away to discover they were ex khmer rouge who'd worked at s21. not only looking completely normal like (u would'nt know it if they did'nt mention there past) but also telling there story that if they had'nt done there supposed duty to interegate and torture the accused, they would in turn be tortured and killed themselves by the same killing machine. i was trying to make sense of it and could'nt. what struck me was how they were able to live normal lives after the atrocities commited. no jail no justice for the victims and stories to boot on display. a subtle brain washing and paranoia instilled by the khmer rouge.

Dwane T. said...

Like I said last week, the rate of sexual abusers being exposed will increase. The are starting to come out at other schools, and at various jobs. People are tired of being marginalized and being silent victims. And since there is strength in numbers, they are empowering each other.

Cain is in over his head. He didn't want this. He wanted to sell books and increase his marketability. But it got good to him. But he is the perfect "face" for this revolution. Because these people believe that because they've gone on to do good things, there past ceases to exist. That may be the case in Cambodia as Mario pointed out, but not in a technologically advance society. Abusers of the past are going to start living in fear, and folks who can be considered accessories after the fact are going to start giving them up.

I'm going to enjoy the coming months. Just will be served.

Dwane T. said...

Dawn, famous people are stepping forward now. The revolution has started.

Rae Dawn Chong said...

Mario and Dwane,

Thank you for the comments I am just now reading these...I was scrolling through.