Monday, July 18, 2011


Hubris is a tricky thing like the flu it overcomes us when we least expect it. One of the draw backs for me personally is “futuring” where my focus isn’t on the moment but ahead in the future where because I am not “present” I lose my way. Or in the case of the US women’s soccer game you lose a match. You could see the players lifting when they took a shot. Meaning they ever so slightly lifted their heads when they took shots so it made them miss by fractions, inches…life is exactly like this. When we are focused slightly above or beyond our present we miss the mark in everything we do. Hubris kills literally. So if there is anything I can offer for you to think about today it is this stay in the moment, finish your stroke or task with 100% focus otherwise you will miss the mark or finish sloppy and lose. That simple, painful but so valuable, as I watched our chance at world cup victory slip away with one weird shot after another I thought this is more valuable to our American entitled hubris filled ego than a win. We are so full of it here in America. My friend Chris said something so true this morning which was with the money we spend on one month of the defense budget we would be able to fix our roads, pay our teachers, begin to rebuild this country. Keep our heads still, focus on the moment, finish your task with complete joy and focus ,not thinking for a moment beyond the moment, stay in the now…for success.

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