Saturday, July 23, 2011


I am sad that Amy Winehouse finally killed herself not JUST because she was devastatingly talented (she was) but that her voice is one of such true natural talent or that her song writing was kick ass and sassy (it was)but she was the anti Simon Cowell who is on a tear to ruin music both he and the other Simon (fuller), Nasty fat and greedy boys with talent to exploit and be mean and okay spot talent but really at the end of the day what will they be remembered for NOTHING! No I am sad because Amy Winehouse was the real deal in the age of auto tune it is devastating when a talent like this cannot take the heaping servicing of BS that the BIZ delivers and she obviously opted out. I will mourn her because in the midst of this drama her drama I derived zero pleasure in her mishaps and wished deeply she would pull herself together. I wanted my girl to get a grip so I could selfishly enjoy more of her. She dumped those nasty fat boys and I am so happy she had the foresight to…I just wish she didn’t let her demons rule the day. But alas who says living a long life is good or gracious or even necessary? I will miss her because I wanted her to overcome the bad bits and be bigger than them…not so fast.
So she followed the old school course and kicked the bucket. Fuck, I will and do miss her voice.


mario said...

tragic day and also norway then Cadel wins the tour de france 1st aussie in history..part o me was elated, in the background it felt like a big dark cloud..spades of grey

Rae Dawn Chong said...

Congrats Mario on the Tour win...Norway is breathtaking. So is Somalia and Darfur and Libya and teh list goes on. Not to mention being held hostage to Fascist tea party no tax (ever) weirdos who are lead by "he who must not be named" life is getting stranger.

Dwane T. said...

Never paid any attention to her until I read your post. I thought she was all media hype. But since I trust your judgement, I checked her out. Talented sister. I've quickly gone from "I could care less", to "what a tragedy".