Friday, August 29, 2014

The African

What if the African was politely asked to join other fellow Africans on a voyage into the new world. When he and his friendly comrades arrived safely having been given proper passage and a room with food and cleanliness. He was welcomed into a community made up of fellow pilgrims also of many ethnicities and in this new world community he was allowed to prosper and grow. As he grew so did his family and wealth and The African was allowed to create fair commerce and to add fellow dreamers who supported his vision for a prosperous future for he and his family and fellow investors. There was hardly any resistance other than the occasional storm or air born illness as setbacks. He had a large family of friends and a healthy support network that made sure his efforts saw fair trade and financial support when needed. As time went on The African was able to leave a legacy of both massive wealth and tradition. He was allowed to summer on far away Islands in Maine with family and friends and to share in his good fortune and see his children marry well. The African was allowed to prosper like every other early American family who arrived on these shores. There was love support and community. Imagine this start? I just described what early White Anglo Saxons settlers experienced in early times. Contrast this start with ours?


jack flash said...

excuse me for a sec. Daaammmnnn! that was some DEEP stuff. Especially after Ferguson. Until you said Maine i was mesmerized by a story which sounded like a black mans dream. But then that sour taste or reality bit me. If only we had been given that chance of a real start to a wonderful life. We would have contributed many things other than our, picking some damn cotton in the fields, to the New World. Plus the Native People would have loved us instantly. i am not making any excuses but black people are reminded daily of the same type of inferior-superior mentality that was handed down thru the centuries. For example that pig that was pointing the loaded M-16 at someone saying i will kill you, i will kill you! This guy most likely has a black friend or 2 but under a little pressure the mr. nice beaver cleaver disappeared and his true came out.
We have lost the love for each other, the helping hand, and the kindness and respect for our natural hierarchy. Is it the white mans fault of our situation today? i say no. because i am 58 years old and i have seen many movements that put us on the path of truly overcoming, but our so-called leaders somehow got things twisted up and led us to disaster. MLK would be very, very sad at how we turned out as a people. Even if we do have a president who is black. Now is the time for people to go past skin color and deal with humans on spiritual vibes. Help as many folks as you can, give good advice and kind words. The Mother Earth is on FIRE and she needs all of the love we can give her.
i wonder if we could have been as cruel as the White Anglo Saxons if the tables were turned and we were calling the shots...i don't think so..
i guess Tommy is doing fine, getting his dancing shoes ready i hope. wonder who he is gonna juke with...
i sure would like to see your ALS Challenge, but it's private, can you make that happen.. i mostly use yahoo and im at pinnick2006@yahoo .com

Cosmo Kramer said...

Your blog reminds me of the quote from Friedrich Nietzsche - "Enlightenment enrages". Idealism and reality are rarely congruent.

Rae Dawn Chong said...

Glad you had a look.