Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Beverly Hillbillies...I am that.

There is this quandary that I face regarding style and consumption and what it is I want to communicate what values I share and have and will it help the planet as a whole and will it uplift and create more community then say jealousy and envy. I have a show to do and the question is what do I wear literally, do I do used clothing or do I do new? Is it chic or simple and comfortable? Should it be sexy and stylish or practical without thinking sex? Do I sweat my weight do I work to be thinner (better for camera) or do I just present myself as I am every day? I think it is the Kardashian value system or the Housewives of everywhere that I press against. For one thing I don’t have the cash flow. Where do I live in the show I have put out that I want a modest place with yard art and a few animals maybe. Suddenly I feel like the Clampett’s and growing up we were in a sense just like them only ethnic. We lived in community as a family a melding of three or four families we wore hand me downs and I was never happier. My root go to place is that…The Clampett’s from the show “The Beverly Hillbillies” growing up one of my favorite TV shows. I had a glamorous friend who happened to be gay and very cosmopolitan who teased me and often called me a “Clampett’s”. I adored him and thought and agreed with that assessment. I was constantly moving with child, animals, and piles of stuff to and fro. He was right we were that what I adored about that show was the granny and her values no matter how big the house or glamorous the company she stayed true to their roots. I loved that and I find I am living it now. I live far away from Hollywood and I am about to see if I can still make content with my root values. Will I find an audience? I shall see soon enough. It is a tough question because everything makes a statement and it can welcome of alienate people. Often I hear producers say they create fantasy and most of us dream of being a Kardashian driving Bentleys and spending wads of cash anywhere at all times. Not me personally but it must be pretty popular since they seem pretty successful. The housewife franchise same thing. Still my values are not that I don’t think it is smart cool or sexy or even attractive. I am more concerned with other things and people and life and bigger stuff like climate change and politics and policy and LOVE and Death and The Planet. The Celebrant is about that and more…I am obsessed forgive me I am dedicated to doing a great job and I care. I care about us as a whole as an undulating unit floating through the Cosmo’s connected by “The cosmic web” the magic. I care about this.


jack flash said...

In this day and age the Clampett clan would certainly be one of the survivors if things went bad on a on a colossal scale worldwide. Their love of natural things put them in touch with the world in a humble and helpful way. People are spending 100s of 1000s of $$$ just to learn the hillbillies ways of survival. i don't think Ellie May (with her fine self) was worried if she put on a lb. or two, and Granny sure didn't give a dam if her thongs looked SEXY. As long as you are healthy and feeling good about yourself let the Rae Dawn Chong Clampett shine, and the SEXY, the CHIC, and the STYLE will shine through... You are experienced and so cool that things will fall right into place. If i had a million bucks i would back you up 100% no questions asked. i know about that cosmic web also, and it is so real but many folks can't see it maybe it's because they are too caught up in the KARDASHIAN value system or the HOUSEWIVES EGOs..... i will take the Green Acre over the N.Y.C. any day...

Michael G said...

"I care about us as a whole as an undulating unit floating through the Cosmo’s connected by “The cosmic web” the magic. I care about this."

Perfect comment.