Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Let me get this straight they have unearthed tapes documenting the shenanigans of the GOP candidate (Tricky Dick Nixon) who manipulated the end of the war in Vietnam. Making the sitting president say that Nixon’s actions were treason yet nothing happened to him till much later after he was President. So maybe it is true that Karma is a bitch still it makes my blood boil on the anniversary of the bogus war in Iraq the bitch known as Dick Cheney and his puppet W are getting attention as they claim they stand by the decision to go to war. Talk about treasonous why aren’t we going after these liars? Why did they get away with treasonous actions? My husband claims it is the defense complex the money to be made in war. Some powerful corporations make huge profits when we are at war. So thinking about the money made as we destroyed a country is evil as well as we spent trillions making it ripe for Iranian influence we paid to make the country ripe for Iran, crazy. What a mistake, I think especially as we walked around (this past Sunday) the ground zero memorial, super sad. So where is the marble wall with the Iraqi names etched in it? Hundreds of thousands dead for naught, the people of Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 but they suffered as much as we did more in fact. More Iraqi’s were murdered by US troops than US citizens who died on 9/11 and again they had NOTHING to do with 9/11. Personally I want to see something done against the architects of the war I want to see some action against the 4 people most responsible. My heart breaks for all families who lost loved ones…all of them regardless of race and creed and religious affiliation. Not to mention the vets waiting for help here at home. Get our act together America? Why are our wounded vets waiting over 900 days? Because we don’t have the resources we don’t have the infrastructure and THEY who are against this know it! I am part of the human race and I care about us as Earthlings and I think our focus is not where it should be…alas nature has a way of making us pay attention. I will say the money being made at ground zero with the memorial and the gift shop where it was packed with people and I am thinking as horrific and tragic as it was it is now an enormous cash cow for NYC. The new buildings are beautiful so maybe lemonade has been made…some gorgeous good after all. Meanwhile will we ever take care of our people? The ones who are suffering? The wounded caught in the crossfire? It is disgusting…we lost this war and we are still losing unless we can take care of our own here in America.

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jack flash said...

This was my view, many years ago, because i knew that the whole Iraq conflict was for bogus reasons. We in this country continue to be bombarded by a NEWS media that is 90% biased to form an opinion for us. After 9-11 emotions were running so high that we just had a BLOODLUST for any MUSLIM. Our government knew that the American people would go for ANY story that the news gave them. Now 10yrs later they are getting a thrill out of rubbing it in our face. $6,000,000,000,000 wasted many, many lives, infrastructure of other countries destroyed, plus we created a hatred for AMERICANS that will never go away. They faked OSAMA's death to try to sooth our pain. Now as you say, who will pay for these atrocities? NO ONE will. I was really praying that President OBAMA would bring a brand new justice to AMERICA. As much as i try to find excuses for his actions i can find none. We now have remote-controlled killing machines, and the killing continues, mostly innocent lives are being taken. Even our own country will soon be infested with this infringment on our basic right of privacy. I believe that these things are merely steps of a terrible,terrible PLAN, that is not for the GOOD of mankind.i believe that on December 21st 2012 a point was reached that awakens people of all races and creeds to a new beginning of unified LOVE to counter the EVIL that leaders are planning for the people. We must not fall for the ZIONIST lies and propaganda about IRAN. IRAN is nothing like IRAQ,LIBYA,EGYPT,AFGANISTAN, and the other countries that we destroyed.Iran not only can they win a war against Isreal they have BIG friends who don't like us, and have as many NUKES as we do.RUSSIA and CHINA.. So it is time to stop all of the war attitudes and try to take care of the hunger and pain in our own country....Before we find ourselves in a situation that we can't get out of with bombs dropping on our own houses.KARMA.... i hate to say this but in a few more years we'll find out that 9-11 was a FALSE FLAG ATTACT. We all must try to LOVE somebody, do something good for a stranger, come out of our churches and put all of our lessons to hands on work........