Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New lows

We seem to have created a new low in politics; I know that is an oxymoron, politics by nature are low as in nasty, still the level of lying, the lack of character and other sad desperate measures to win votes is impressive. Every time Mitt opens his mouth I cringe, same with Gingrich and Santorum. I will say I am tickled in a “he’s my weird uncle way” with Ron Paul and I am disturbed by his brush off of his self published racists pamphlets it is all so strange. I wonder if it ends will me miss the shenanigans will we? I think maybe, I am saddened by the lies and the attacks on Obama and I know Obama is a flawed person and flawed President but I have deeply enjoyed his successes and I like where the country is headed under his guidance plus I will accept the pace of our recovery. I am happy to say we are spoiled, all of us by his elegance and his intelligence and class. His lovely openness to bipartisanship and his willingness to try it, we are spoiled. He reads unlike the last buffoon who ruined us absolutely thrust us into chaos. How will we manage under Mitt or Newt? Scary thought. My husband says we will win, Obama will get re-elected. I hope so.


Unchosen said...

Is this your first NH primary? Entertaining, isn't it? Or annoying, depending on your point of view. It was interesting to note how Mitt suddenly got super conservative right after he won in prep for SC. He just says what he thinks people want to hear so they'll vote for him. So fake.

If that was you at the gas station Monday afternoon, that was me behind you. If not, then you've got a doppelganger.

Suzi from Ojai said...

Gosh! I've been away for awhile. I have a lot of catching up to do on your blogs!! Happy New Year Rae Dawn! I hope Obama wins again too.. scary thought to have any of the others. Most of my co-workers are Republican, hope your husband is right!

Rae Dawn Chong said...

Irving in Dover on 155? then yeah it was me.

Unchosen said...

That was the place. Didn't realize it was you until you'd driven off and I thought to myself, "Gee, that beautiful woman looked familiar." I almost asked where you got the peace sticker on the back. I've been looking for one.