Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What is our history, again?

So let me get this straight people like Pat Buchanan wax poetic about America's lost greatest as a past thing because when he was growing up and immigration wasn't an issue and white Anglo Saxon protestant and or Catholics outnumbered blacks or other ethnic races. Where as diversity in our population today according to his thesis marks the end of "The great White dominance"and the end of all things good, makes me think he is a bigot and has rose colored glasses because being from the ruling class insulated him to the oppression of the Jim Crow laws and other socioeconomic discrepancies. When I look at his thesis and I think of this countries history I see a woeful abuse of the underclass and horrible inequality not just racially but sexually as well. I think from the very first European foot fall onto these shores when it was 100% native Americans we have witnessed genocide. It is a matter of perspective what is good or bad, and yes to some integration is natural, it is a good thing that we evolve. So we now have begun to see the warmth of different cultures infiltrate America, it is a good thing. This isn't Europe or Scandinavia if you want to surrounded by that type, go there...but even they cannot escape the inevitable spread of pigment. Not that diversity is just epidermis, it is cultural too. I am delighted to imagine an America with more brown skinned folks of differing cultures, bring it on. For me being brown it is a blessing and I am delighted to protest anyone who claims it was better 40 years ago. It was very different and it wasn't good for anyone of color or for woman and everyone who laments those times as good times are racist sexist relics. America should be ashamed of its history of abuse toward people of color America should hang it's head in shame, especially in the south but the north has blood on its hands too. Right up to and past Rosa Parks refusal to go to the back of the bus. People who are not part of the 1 percent know what its like to feel left out. That is a good thing hopefully we can embrace our future of deep diversity for the wealth that it is and not lament a darker more inequitable past for its shamefulness and its inequality. When the first European settles arrived and tamed the savages it was a crime. Just because retribution has NOT been meted out for the initial genocide of early natives doesn't mean it won't be. Life is about balance and in the end America will most likely be predominantly brown skinned just like it was before first contact, because karma has patience.

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