Monday, July 12, 2010

Mel Gibson

Listening to the raging Mel Gibson as he freaks out and sounds so pathetic and confused and hurt and obviously betrayed it really makes me sad for all. The women who he is threatening and with whom he has had a baby with and him, Mel Gibson someone who has accomplished a lot in his career. I think he is a fine actor and director who obviously has so much energy and talent and grief and mental anguish and hurt and deep psychological wounds. So here it is in the age of electronics where everyone should take note because everything is being filmed by everyone and nothing is sacred or private really. I hurt for everyone I hurt because it is once again a case of being too famous and rich and to get help where help is needed. I am not defending Mel at all in fact I have always kept a distance and have met him before but for whatever reason didn’t make it a point to be friendly not for any reason but gut instinct. There are people who one doesn’t have chemistry with. I am sad for Jodie Foster because she has just directed a film with him that could be wonderful but will not have much chance because it is tainted by his out of control behaviors. I am sad for the mother Oksana regardless of whether she is a gold digger or whatever she is being abused and no one should be struck and abused verbally or otherwise. I am sad for his entire family all of his children nothing is more heart breaking than watching our father go to hell, by losing it. Sad all of it all around, no one is supposed to be perfect but we demand it of celebrity. I am certain there isn’t a place for Mel to hide where he can face what ails him without feeling horrid and exposed. We need to lose our minds to find ourselves this is the road to mental health, to spiritual health. Listening to the private conversation where he loses it on her isn’t pretty and I couldn’t complete the task. It hurts all too much. Money can corrupt and so can celebrity and in this case Mel needs deep work not just rehab. He needs spiritual help not just the bible or Catholicism. He needs to begin again and find the place that isn’t run by ego. He needs deep strong forces and guidance and I am not certain he will get it. He was right when he yelled I need a real woman and I can tell he longs for true contact and it isn’t easy to find the soul. It isn’t easy to find the divine within. We can’t find it by torturing those who have disappointed and we can’t find it in Hollywood. I pray for everyone the world over who has lost their way…and I have perfect confidence they will find themselves and their powerful loving source. We all do it just takes a lot of humility and commitment and great strong guidance. Good luck.


mario said...

'We need to lose our minds to find ourselves this is the road to mental health, to spiritual health'....very true....the ex cheated on me with my very close supposed friend earlier this yr total betrayal..still dealing with it..thought i was done with it but 'love rears it's ugly head again' haha like the song...again the lesson for me has been u never ever truly truly no some one or there intentions...i see wat lead to it and my part in it i truly do just how it all panned out and had lot to do with money...i even went and consulted with a pschyic thought it was too elobarate too unreal and watched it all unfold and most of it come true...i'll never forget wat this old guy told me on a trip i took in sth america re relationships and heartache...(iwas very young of course and dealing with my 1st one...)ther'll be plenty more to com..

glt said...

Mario! Thanks for sharing yer innermost...I'm with ya!

Rd? You seem so caught in the Hollywood tripe, and name dropping. Let's get real. You have the blues...Hollywood was in it's heyday in the mid'60s-mid'70s...writers, directors, producers, actors were freshly stoned flowing earthmothers...not the hateful money-whores of today! Don't even think of kissing current Hollywood ass!

Suzi from Ojai said...

I agree with what you said. I was in an abusive relationship years ago ( and learned my lesson well )
I do believe it has a lot to do with drug and alcohol abuse. It changes personalities so drastically. Starts with partying and ends up a disease...
Miss ya on FB